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|demonym = Quetican
|government = [[w:central government|Centralized]] [[w:aristocracy|aristocratic]] [[w:parliament|parliamentary]] [[w:republic|republic]]
|head of government = DeputyPresident
|head of state = First Secretary
|3rd_h =
|hos_name = [[Henry Twain|Henry Twain]]
|3rd_h_name =
|legislature = Aristocratic CongressParliament
|type_a =
|type_b =
|nat_animal = [[w:Crow|Crow]]
|pat_saint =
|domain = (proposed) .qi
|calling_code =
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|web = [ Website]<br>[ News]
'''The Quetican Islands''', officially known as the '''Democratic Republic of The Quetican Islands''', is a territorial [[micronation]] located on the [[w:north america|American]] continent and with land claims in the U.S. state of [[w:Minnesota|Minnesota]] and the Canadian province of [[w:Ontario|Ontario]]. The Quetican Islands were founded in [[2016]] as a result of an economic project led by former Federated States' President [[Henry Twain]]. The micronation quickly rose to prominence for its economic system. The micronation was originally established with a sole leader, the First Secretary, however since has been expanded to include a Parliament and a head-of-government President.
The Quetican Islands is a well-planned micronation, renown for an economic system designed to sustain micronational businesses. The economy, collectively referred to as [[The Quetican Islands|Quetico Street]], has been covered by various media outlets and has been praised for its adoption of the [[Micronational Dollar]]. While still fairly new to the [[MicroWiki]], the experience of Secretary Twain has given the micronation significant authority in the community.
One of the most comprehensive and most culturally diverse micronations in the community, The Quetican Islands have received media coverage and praise from various outlets, including the ''[[Daily Micronational]], [[RadioMicro|themicronational]]'', the ''[[Liam Sinclair|Coprieta Standard]]'', and the ''[[Quetico Street Journal]]''.
== Etymology ==
The Quetican Islands derives its namesake from the [[w:Quetico Provincial Park|Quetico Provincial Park]], where a significant portion of the land claim is located. Despite the name implying that Quetico is located on a series of islands, a portion of the land claim is indeed not an island.
The name was originally planned to be the '''Democratic Republic of South Quetico''', however it was decided that there was no nation-state known as North Quetico, and that a different name was more appropriate for the situation.
== History ==
=== From Federation to Quetico ===
The [[Federated States]] had seen a resurrection in the later days of [[2015]] despite much hesitation among its former Congressmen. The revival, led by Former President [[Henry Twain]], was complete by January 6, [[2016]]. The Federation's role as the [[Atlantic Commonwealth]] was short-lived, as only five months later the remaining members of the Executive Council announced the dissolution of the Commonwealth.
Twain, who had long been an economic study, admired the thought of a micronation which ran similar to [[w:New York City|New York City]] and [[w:Wall Street|Wall Street]]. With no citizenship in a micronation, Twain had taken up journalism for various news outlets which he subsequently used to promote the idea of "White Collar Micronationalism." Twain scribbled and ratified the constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Quetican Islands in early May and ratified it near the end of May. The staple of Quetico, its Monetary Policy, was originally ratified that same day along with a published four-phase plan to create the ideal business environment in micronationalism, one based in The Quetican Islands.
The [[Quetico Microinternational Stock Exchange]] opened on May 18, 2016 and began trading shares among companies and individuals. With Twain as Overseer of Quetico Street, the street quickly rose to incorporate several businesses. However, only a couple of days later the Stock Exchange was placed under investigation and was temporarily closed. As a result of struggles to grow, the people of The Quetican Islands agreed it was time for a new Monetary Policy.
=== Second Monetary Policy ===
The Second Monetary Policy of Quetico was put into effect on May 22, 2016. Rather quickly it saw the addition of several new businesses. The Stock Exchange reopened the following day, with an apology from Overseer Twain. Additionally, he announced elections for the newly-formed Parliament of The Quetican Islands as well as for a new office of President, to be elected in mid-June 2016.
=== June 2016 Elections ===
== Politics ==
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