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List of Cool Barbie characters

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Sergeant Grey
===Sergeant Grey===
[[File:SergeantGrey.jpg|thumb|right|90px|Sergeant Grey warns the Land about Bubbles in CB.III]]
*First appearance: ''Cool Barbie II - Return of the ChamptionChampion'' (non-credited, 2009) / ''Cool Barbie III - Prisoners Freed'' (credited, 2009)
*Last appearance: ''Colin'' minisode (2015)
Sergeant Grey is an Action Man who is a member of Spectrum International Police, and Corporal Barbie's immediate commanding officer. Courageous and assertive, he is good friends with Corporal Barbie. He helps fight Bubbles in CB.III (after being seen helping to man a barricade against him in CB.II in a non-credited role), and in CB.IV aids Cool Barbie and the Chancellor in attempting to thwart Colin's uprising. He accompanies Corporal Barbie to the Moon in CB.V, and calls her to the scene of Queen Lucy's assassination in CB.VI. His most recent appearance, four years after his last, was in the Colin minisode, where he leads a group of Spectrum agents tracking down Colin and his followers.
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