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Republic of Fantasia

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|name = Republic of Ravenia <br/ > [[w:Latin language|Latin]]: ''Respublica Ravenia'' (RR) <br/ > <br/ >[[w:Dutch language|Dutch]]: ''Republiek Ravenië'' <br/ > [[w:French language|French]]: ''République de Ravénie'' <br/ > [[w:German language|German]]: ''Republik Ravenien'' <br/ > [[w:Spanish language|Spanish]]: ''República de Ravenia''
|web =
'''Ravenia''', or officially the '''Respublica Republic of Ravenia''' is a [[w:republic|republic]] which was established on 31 October 2015 on the [[w:continent|continent]] of [[w:Middle Earth|Middle Earth]].
The crown in the flag and coat of arms represents sovereignty of the people of Ravenia.

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