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Johannes Andreassuun

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{{Infobox Royalty
| type = monarch
| name = Earl Pende JohannesAndreassuun
| native name =
| title = Steward of Saxmark
| image = PendaportraitJohannesAndreassuun.png
| imgw = 200px
| succession = [[Steward of Saxmark]]
'''Earl Pende JohannesAndreassuun''' is the founder of the [[Kingdom of West Germania]], a Christian nation with the objective of spreading Germanic culture. He was the Minister for Culture in [[Nemkhavia]], until he left and formed the [[Saxon Empire]].
==Early life and education==
Pende Andreassuun was born and has spent most of his life in the English Midlands and proclaimed himself monarch of a new nation at the age of 18. At the age of 19, his territory along with the [[Duchy of Stonland]] became constituent nations of the [[Saxon Empire]], making him a diarch. To this day, he remains unmarried and without children.
On 5 January 2015, Pende abdicated the throne of Saxmark and assumed the title "Earl Pende Johannes".
== Style ==
Earl Pende's full style is as follows:
''His Eminence, Earl Pende, Steward of Saxmark, [[Majestic Order of Giovanna|KMG]]''
==Awards and decorations==
*[[File:MOG-Knight.png|80px]][[Majestic Order of Giovanna|''Cavaleiro'' of Majestic Order of Giovanna]]
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