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|shortname = Kozuc
|demonym = Kozuc
|government = [[Single-party w:Transitional government|Transitional state|Single-party]] <small>(''de jure'')</small> <br>[[Military dictatorship|dictatorship]] <small>(''de facto'')</small>
|head of state = [[President of Kozuc|President]]
|head of government = [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Secretary General of Kozuc|Secretary General]]|3rd_h = [[Commissioners Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Commissioners|Commissioners]]
|hos_name = [[Riley Small]]
|hog_name = [[Spencer Morris]]
The '''Republic of Kozuc''', known by many different names during past carnations, is a [[w:English language|English-speaking]] [[Micronation|micronation]] located in a region which is surrounded by [[w:Monterey|Monterey County]], [[w:California|California]] in the [[w:United States of America|United States of America]]. Kozuc has had a long standing history in the MicroWiki community, as an independent state, a [[St.Charlian Federation|Federation]] of the [[Federal Republic of St.Charlie]] and a [[Free State of Renasia#Regions|Special Administrative Region]] of the [[Free State of Renasia]]. Occasionally, cultural practices of Kozuc have been brought into controversy by some, particularly drug legalization and the prominence of the [[Kozuc Revolutionary Armed Forces|Armed Forces]].
Kozuc was first officially created February 1st, [[2010]] as the as the [[History of Kozuc#UPUC Era|United Provinces Under Chance]]. The nation has gone through many political changes and fluxes of activity since it was founded. The [[History of Kozuc#Nationalist Revolution|Nationalist Revolution]] of December, [[2015]] installed a [[Single-party state|single-party]] transitional [[Military dictatorship|military dictatorship]], currently governed by the [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc|Revolutionary Council]], [[President of Kozuc|President]] [[Riley Small]] and the [[Kozuc National Party]]. The government prides itself in having one of the most advanced military and security forces in the Community, a strong economy and an active political system.
After the Nationalist Revolution in December, The current government is designed to be a temporary system for the [[People's Republic of Skendal]] was reestablished by a small group of Socialist defectors merging with an anti-Kozuc militant grouprepublic. Disputes over territorial claims have resulted in some conflicts in It is still unclear if or what will be the region. Kozuc does however recognize Skendal as an independent micronationnext step.
On December 2nd, 2011, 20 days before Skendal declared independence, the Eastern government reformed into the fifth Republic. Once Skendal left the union, Kozuc joined St.Charlie as a [[St.Charlian Federation|Federation]]. In mid-[[2012]] the government of Kozuc left the Federal Republic, and purged a large amount of citizens in preparation for another school move by Riley Small. Kozuc went through government transitions, conflicts with neighboring states, and periods of instability. The nation joined [[Free State of Renasia]] as a Special Administrative Region, and nearly withdrew totally from international affairs. When then President Small was sentenced to seek drug and alcohol treatment in Texas, acting President Rutger Sperry announced that Kozuc would be disbanded.
In June of 2015, nearly a year and a half after his leave from the community, Small reached out to former citizens of Kozuc and Skendal, forming a new state. In July, the constitution for the Republic of Kozuc was approved by a referendum. Because of a deadlock between the former Socailist Party and Nationals, no laws were passed for six months. Although the government became inactive, the military reestablished dominance and the economy flourished. By December, President Small lead the Kozuc Nationalist Revolution, installing the current single party transitional military dictatorship. The People's Republic of Skendal has declared independence, and now disputes territorial claims of Kozuc.
Kozuc has been the center of many legal and economic controversies throughout its history. In its first year, the United Provinces Under Chance was completely fictional, and raised concerns on its legitimacy. Later, Kozuc and its citizens would generate the reputation of being criminals, specifically in regards to drugs. Some international entities even sanctioned the state as a sponsor of these crimes, citing it was a safe haven for dealers and addicts. The government has never itself condoned the use or distribution of narcotics, however all classically controlled substances are legal within its borders. Another Kozuc activity which raised concerns was its infatuation with the military. However, it is well understood that the Armed Forces is largely cultural.
In October of 2015, the Socialist Party had called for the resignation of then parliamentary Opposition Leader, Spencer Morris, as he was serving jail time in the United States. President Small has stood by him, as he "never broke a Kozuc law". Small himself served a total of 19 months, sentenced four individual times as a juvenile. Now, Morris has left the agriculture industry to focus on politics, and continues to serve as the [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Secretary General of Kozuc|Secretary General]] and all associated roles.
Some think that the recent revolution was done so by the President either to gain power or to extract wealth from the National Reserve. Socialists also argue he is creating a military oligarchy in the name of stability. Regardless, nearly every remaining citizen in Kozuc supports the revolution. The Kozuc National Party believes in According to the idea that Kozuc should be run by "true Kozucs"Revolutionary Council, rather than those originally from the micronation Skendalgovernment is meant to be a transitional system. However, who it has not been made public that any plans to change have been made up a majority of the Socialist party leadership.
==Demographics & Culture==
''For more information, see - [[Kozuc Chamber of Commerce]]''
Kozuc is one of the few micronations with an active economy which generates government revenue. Ever since the [[History of Kozuc#Two Kozuc Era|Golden Age]] of Kozuc, the export and trade of "agriculture" has been the largest commodity in the region. Almost all of the [[w:Gross Domestic Product|Gross Domestic Product]] is estimated to be agriculture or related to the agriculture business in some way. Since the Nationalist Revolution, Kozuc News has become a state agency and the Kozuc National Bank was created after a merger of the Treasury and the National Reserve. All corporations must seek a license by joining the Kozuc Chamber of Commerce, a division of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce. The Chamber was formed by the [[Chamber of Commerce|Market Act]], the law governing Kozuc's economic reform and all business done after the revolution.
''For more information, see - [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc]]''
The Republic of Kozuc has had many government forms in its history as a micronation. After its revival in July 2015, a popular referendum installed a multi-party semi-presidential republic against a proposal for a socialist state. Currently, as of the December Revolution, a coup has been initiated by the President to install a "temporary and transitional government". It is unclear how long they will remain in power.  As of December of that same year, the current government was put in power by a military coup. The [[President of Kozuc]] has been granted extraordinary power because of the revolution, with all other positions subordinate to him. The [[Kozuc Revolutionary Armed Forces]] rules the nation, with the President as Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal, head of state and government. Currently, the only requirement for a document to become law is a Presidential signature, effectively creating a [[w:Rule by decree|"Rule by Decree"]] system. There is a single, supreme entity that governs Kozuc, known as the Revolutionary Council. There are no separation of powers in the Republic, with the body serving similarly to a Council of Ministers, but also retains a judicial body and pseudo-legislative power. In addition to all these roles, the [[Kozuc National Party]] is run by the Revolutionary Council, being formed by out of their former Party Convention. Officially, the title of the head of state is the "President of the Republic, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council and Field Marshal of ''his'' Armed Forces". The military is involved in nearly every agency of the government.
There is a singleare five grades of membership within the Revolutionary Council: Chairman, supreme entity that governs Kozuc, known as the [[Revolutionary Council. There are no separation of powers in the RepublicKozuc#Commissioners|Commissioners]], with the body serving similarly to a [[Revolutionary Council of MinistersKozuc#Secretary General|Secretary General]], but also retains a judicial body Secretaries and pseudo-legislative powerDirectors. In addition to all these rolesThe Revolutionary Council is split into two "Commissions", both under the direct authority of the President or "Chairman". The [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc National Party#Justice and Security Commission|Justice and Security Commission]] is run by and the [[Revolutionary Councilof Kozuc#Defense Commission|Defense Commission]] each are headed by their respective Commissioner. Furthermore, as it the "Secretary General" is the single party within chief political officer of the nation able to operate in any capacity. Officially, Kozuc National Party and is the title head of all the head independent offices (IO) of state is the "President government: IO of the RepublicAttorney General, IO of Party Policy, Chairman IO of the Revolutionary Council Inspector General and Field Marshal of ''his'' Armed Forces". The military is involved in nearly every agency IO of Finance and Budget (which includes the governmentKozuc National Bank).
There The Commissions are five grades comprised of membership within many different Secretaries and Directors, with the Revolutionary Council: Chairman, [[Commissioners of Kozuc|Commissioners]], [[Secretary General observes both of the Commissions but is not a member of Kozuc|Secretary General]], Secretaries and Directorseither. The Revolutionary Council is split into two "Commissions"Currently, all of the members of the government are both under members of the direct authority of Kozuc National Party and the President or "Chairman"Revolutionary Armed Forces. The [[Justice and Security Commission (Kozuc)|Justice serves as the sole and Security supreme court of the Republic as a type of military tribunal. There are only three members of this Commission]] and , as opposed to the [[Defense Commission (Kozuc)|Defense Commission]] each are headed by their respective Commissionerwhich has most of the departments. FurthermoreFinally, the "Secretary General" is the chief political officer of Joint Committee for the Kozuc National Party Staff and is the head Command of all the [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Independent Offices|Independent Offices]] of Armed Forces (JCSCRAF) serves as the government. The main offices the Secretary General controls are those of Fiance and Budget, the Attorney General and Party Policy, and is one equivalent of the few divisions Joint Chiefs of power from the military commandersStaff in most nations.
The Commissions are comprised of many different Secretaries and Directors, with the Secretary General observes both of the Commissions but is not government could be considered a member of either. Currentlydominant party state currently, all of the members of the government must be both members of because the Kozuc National Party and the Revolutionary Armed Forces. The Justice and Security Commission serves as the sole and supreme court of Nationals organized the Republic as a type of military tribunalrevolution. There are only three members of this CommissionHowever, as opposed to the Defense Commission which has most of Democratic Socialist Party is involved in talks regarding the departments. Finally, the Joint Committee future for the Staff and Command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (JCSCRAF) serves as the equivalent of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in most nationsnation.
==Armed Forces==
''For more information, see - [[Kozuc Revolutionary Armed Forces]], [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Defense Commission|Defense Commission of Kozuc]]''
The Kozuc Revolutionary Armed Forces (KRAF), also referred to as Kozuc National Armed Services, is the combination of two executive departments responsible for defense, security and justice in the Republic.
==Law & Order==
''For more information, see - [[Revolutionary Council of Kozuc#Justice and Security Commission|Justice and Security Commission of Kozuc]]''
All law enforcement is done by the Kozuc Revolutionary Armed Forces. Although any member of the military can serve as a policing official, the task is specifically given to the Secret Service Branch.

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