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Cool Barbie

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'''''Cool Barbie''''' is an [[Empire of Austenasia|Austenasian]] sci-fi fantasy television series directed and written by [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]] and produced by [[Austenasian Television Productions]](ATP). Three original episodes were privately made by Jonathan (together with his [[Lord Timothy|cousin]] and [[Crown Princess Caroline|sister]]) before the foundation of Austenasia, between December 2005 and September 2008, but with the founding of . After ATP was created in December 2008 , it was decided to remake these the three films and , as well as to create sequels. A new series of fifteen episodes was therefore written, eight of which to date have been filmed and published to date. The series revolves around an eponymous [[w:Barbie doll|Barbie doll]] in a world where toys are alive and have communities protected by humans, and her encounters with aliens and villains.
== Setting ==
Cool Barbie is set in an alternate universe where toys are alive and have communities protected by humans, where the existence of extraterrestrial life is well-known and accepted, and where magic and elves also exist. The series is mainly set in a house in Carshalton, known by its resident toys as "Xeaphon VII's Land of Plenty" (henceforth referred to as "the Land").
As well as being home to humans and dogs, several groups of toys live in the Land. They are ruled over by a monarch and the Doll Senate, suggesting with a form of constitutional monarchythe details of which are left vague. The types of toys which live in the Land include Barbies, teddy bears, action figures (mostly Action Men), and dolls. There are several rooms in the Land, between which the toys seem to be able to can travel freely. On the upper floor, there is a room where the Doll Senate convenes, a room used by the monarch as a Royal Hospital, a room home to numerous toys (the "Doll Box"), and another room which has not been featured in the series, connected by a landing. On the lower floor, there is a large room divided by a sofa into two parts, a kitchen, and a room where the Protectors of the Realm live. There is also a Garden, where toys are exiled as a criminal sentence, and underneath which several powerful beings referred to as "Titans" (named after a race of Greek gods also imprisoned after defeat) are imprisoned. At the end of CB.VII, a independent Land of toys ruled by a King is established in the Garden, known as [[Crepundia]].
The monarch of the toys of the Land is appointed by Xeaphon and the Doll Senate, as stated in CB.VI. Prior to the events of CB.IV, the Land maintained three separate armies for its security, each lead by a Captain and all following orders from a Minister of Defence appointed by the Doll Senate. The First Army was the largest, equipped with modern equipment such as guns and grenades, and despite later switching sides and allowing Xeaphon and Moonita into the Land initially rebelled alongside Colin in CB.IV. The Golden Arrows were the smallest army (Colin states that they were much larger before a "Battle of the Prison") and had the most advanced technology, including cybernetics, robots, and what appeared to be laser guns - they were Colin's most faithful followers, and supported his coup in CB.IV. The Third Army was the second largest, equipped with medieval technology such as swords, shields, and bows and arrows - they are described as "devoted to Xeaphon", and Colin only considered it safe to begin his uprising in CB.IV after the majority of them had been locked outside in the Garden. The Golden Arrows are currently exiled along with Colin, and the First and Third Armies continue to protect the Land, although they have been renamed to the People's Army and the Royal Army respectively since the exile of the Golden Arrows, as stated in episodes VII and VIII. The Land is also defended by [["Edd" Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd of Carothan|Edd]] (and [["Rose" Bramarley Paloma of Carothan|Rose]] before her real life death in April 2014), who were referred to as the Protectors of the Realm in CB.IV.
Another guarantor of the Land's security is Spectrum International Police, an organisation which seems to exist as a form of security force for toys internationally. It is implied revealed in CB.IV that toy communities can allow whether or not to grant Spectrum jurisdiction over their lands, although the benefits of having trained agents ready to help in crises is evident in CB.II (in which Captain Scarlet arrives to help stop Bubbles) and CB.III and IV (in which Sergeant Grey arrives to help stop Bubbles and Colin respectively).
== Production ==
The majority of characters in the films are toys, with only nine human characters (mostly playing minor roles) having been featured so far. Two methods are used to film the toys "acting" - the first method comprises of the character's lines being spoken by their voice actor behind the camera while the toy is recorded; the second comprises of scenes being filmed with no dialogue, for background noises to be cut out and replaced with recorded audio of the characters' lines during editing. All but one episode have used a mixture of both methods - while in the first two episodes the first method was used for all characters other than Cool Barbie herself, the second method has since become increasingly common, with CB.VI having been filmed entirely in this way.
Despite ATP specifically attempting to film the modern episodes more competently than the originals, some mistakes have been made which were unable to be corrected during editing. This is most notable in CB.I, in which the then Crown Prince Jonathan's hand can be seen numerous times while moving Cool Barbie and Bubbles around the set - his thumb can also be seen holding Colin upright in a shot in CB.IV, and at the beginning of that episode the reflection of him filming can be seen in a window. Another similar incident is when the Dalek can be glimpsed on top of a small cupboard in CB.III, in the scene prior to that in which it is freed by Bubbles. In CB.VII, Moonita can be seen glancing down at a script when talking to Corporal Barbie, and a camera strap briefly falls into the shot later in the episode. Overall, however, this kind of "blooper" is rare. In CB.VIII, two mistakes of this kind - a door switching between being open and closed in different shots in a scene, and Xeaphon pointing a staff at Wisealise which is on the ground next to him in other shots - was were addressed post-editing by changing the dialogue to explain it as a result of that the staff holds the reality-warping magical effects of the staff.
Lighting can also be an issue - this is especially noticeable in some shots of CB.V, in which some scenes which were set at night and on the Moon are so dark that it is difficult to understand what is happening, and the viewer may have to rely almost solely on dialogue and on subsequent events in the film.
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie II'''
| align="left" | Bubbles floats back down to Earth in an escape pod. [[w:Captain Scarlet (character)|Captain Scarlet]] visits Cool Barbie and informs her of this. The two travel to "base" and share the news with members of toy government. Bubbles attacks the toys, but leaves due to disliking the sound of screaming dolls. A battle breaks out between Bubbles and some soldiers led by Captain Scarlet, the latter of whom is badly wounded in an explosion. Captain Scarlet transforms into a giant snake and attacks Bubbles, who is knocked out and placed in a freezer. The episode ends with Cool Barbie and the Captain Scarlet Snake singing "''We Are Family''" in front of the camera.<br>Cool Barbie II was initially filmed by Jonathan and Timothy, with much some of the episode then re-filmed by Jonathan alone the next day. Unlike the first and third episode, Caroline had no involvement. Parts of some scenes are missing, and others from the initial day of filming only survive due to having been filmed on the camera while later being shown on a television screen, much of the footage from the first day of filming having been taped over either by Jonathan's re-filming of some scenes or by other productions. Upon the transferral of the VHS tape into digital format in September 2014, ATP edited the different shots and scenes into - so far as was possible - one cohesive film.<br>Runtime: '''05:51'''
| align="left" | 9-10 December 2006
| align="left" | Cool Barbie IV
| align="left" | Colin attempts to take over the government of the land. Production of this film was abandoned before the founding of ATP, with the script and the few pieces of recorded footage now lost. The script was used as a basis for ATP's CB.IV.
| align="left" | N/A
| align="left" | Set in August 2008. Bubbles escapes from the Cryogenic Research Prison and frees an imprisoned [[w:Dalek|Dalek]], and the two proceed to attack Cool Barbie, Sergeant Grey, and some soldiers. The villains are defeated by [["Edd" Hyerdunscar's Notorious Edd|Edd]], the Dalek being killed and Bubbles re-imprisoned.
| align="left" | 15 April 2009
| align="left" | First appearance of Sergeant Greyand King Ken II.<br>Runtime: '''09:29'''
| align="left" | '''[ Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising: Part 1]'''
| align="left" | '''[ Cool Barbie VI - Revenge of the Uprisor]'''
| align="left" | Set in the summer of 2011. Corporal Barbie investigates discovers that the recent death of Queen Lucy, and discovers that it was an assassination orchestrated by Colin from his exile. Investigating, she realises it was a trap to draw her out into the Garden where she can be killed. Colin explains that he is planning another attempt to seize power, and that he doesn't want her in the way; Corporal Barbie escapes, however, and Colin and his supporters teleport away when confronted by a Spectrum rescue mission.
| align="left" | 14 July 2011
| align="left" | Runtime: '''06:53'''
| align="left" | '''[ Cool Barbie VII - Secession]'''
| align="left" | Corporal Barbie is asked by Moonita to supervise the unveiling of a new "superweapon", built by the toys' government to defend the land against the upcoming attack by Colin which he threatened the previous episode. However, a group of toys are opposed to the building of new weapons as they do not believe that Colin will attack - ; when it is discovered that the superweapon is the reverse-engineered shell of the Dalek, there is a riot which results in the protesters founding a new land in the garden, [[Crepundia]]. Meanwhile, some of Colin's followers and a mysterious figure celebrate the summoning of "the fleet"...
| align="left" | 9 June 2012
| align="left" | Produced almost entirely as a means of giving a fictional backstory to the Austenasian-Juclandian joint cultural project of [[Crepundia]].<br>Runtime: '''07:34'''
| align="left" | '''[ Cool Barbie VIII - Plan of the Scourge]'''
| align="left" | Uranus invades Earth to give Colin a chance to free Bubbles for them, which he does so with the help of Wisealise, an old enemy of Xeaphon. Wisealise and Colin take over the Land, freeing Bubbles, who leaves Earth along with the Uranians. Wisealise attempts to free the Titans and drain their power to become invincible, but is stopped by Corporal Barbie and Moonita - the resultant magical explosion makes the latter two switch bodies and kills Wisealise, but not before he reveals he is of a species called the Scourge, who whom he threatens will avenge him. Colin and his followers teleport away after Wisealise's defeat.
| align="left" | 1 September 2014
| align="left" | The longest single episode published to date (CB.IV is longer in its totality, but was published in two parts). First appearance of the Scourge.<br>Runtime: '''17:06'''
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie Minisodes'''
| align="left" | '''[ Moonita]''' - Now in the body of Corporal Barbie, Moonita is crowned Queen of the toys to replace Emily II, who was killed by the Troll Leader during Wisealise's takeover of the Land. However, Xeaphon promises that he will find a way to restore her to her human body.<br>'''[ Xeaphon]''' - Now an officer in NETDOF (an independent organisation set up to defend the world against alien attack), Xeaphon discovers that Wisealise's staff was not the Staff of Forest Elves as he claimed. The Forest Elves give Xeaphon the genuine staff to help him guard the prisons of the Titans.<br>'''Colin''' - ''to be released''
| align="left" | 1 January 2015;<br>25 April 2015;<br>''1 September 2015''
| align="left" | Three mini-episodes to be published over 2015 to mark the tenth anniversary of the franchise, showing Moonita, Xeaphon, and Colin in the aftermath of the events of CB.VIII.
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie X - War in the Sky'''
| align="left" |
| align="left" | ''September January 2016''| align="left" | Scheduled for productionProduction currently underway. Will be the second episode in a four-part story arc. Initially planned to be the final episode of a two-part series finale before five more episodes - two directly continuing on from this one - were written.
| align="left" | '''Cool Barbie XI - Infiltration'''
| align="left" |
| align="left" | ''2016/2017''
| align="left" | Scheduled for production. Will be the third episode in a four-part story arc.
| align="left" | '''Cool/Corporal Barbie'''
| align="left" | '''First appearance:''' Cool Barbie I - Fallen from the Sky<br>
Cool Barbie (known as Corporal Barbie from CB.V onwards) is a Barbie who enlisted in Spectrum International Police. It is unsure whether or not "Cool Barbie" is a title, nickname, or her given name - if "Cool" is her actual first name, she has never been called by it, but if it is a title it has never been explained what it means or why she has it (in the original CB.II, it is hinted that she is a former pop star - her singing at the start of CB.IV.1 backs this up - and so Cool Barbie may be a stage name which she has permanently adopted). The main and eponymous character, she is shown to be both brave and capable of defending herself (at one point overpowering two armed soldiers without a weapon). At the end of CB.VIII, she switches bodies with Moonita after the two of them interfere with a powerful magical weapon to successfully thwart Wisealise's plans.
| align="left" | [[File:Bubbles.jpg|80px]]
| align="left" | '''Colin'''
| align="left" | '''First appearance:''' Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion<br>
Colin (known as Prince Colin or Regent Colin in CB.II-IV) is a member of Doll royalty. A power-hungry, scheming, charismatic megalomaniac, he attempts to seize power in CB.IV by force after having his step-father King Ken II killed, having previously plotted to gain influence over the kingdom by having his mother Queen Emily kidnapped, being installed as Regent, and gaining the allegiance of the First Army and Golden Arrows. Although he temporarily installs a military dictatorship over the land and proclaims himself Emperor Colin, he is defeated by Xeaphon, Moonita, and the defection of the First Army, and exiled into the Garden along with a few loyal followers. He successfully arranges for his successor Queen Lucy to be assassinated in CB.VI, but fails in his overall goal to have Corporal Barbie also killed. He warns in that same episode that he will try again to take power, in a way "much bigger" than his uprising in CB.IV - at the end of CB.VII, some of his followers are seen celebrating the imminent arrival of "the fleet". It transpires in CB.VIII that this is the fleet of Uranus, which invades Earth giving Colin a chance to briefly take power again under Wisealise. After Wisealise's death, Colin and his followers teleport away.
| align="left" | [[File:SergeantGrey.jpg|80px]]
| align="left" | '''Chancellor'''
| align="left" | '''First appearance:''' Cool Barbie II - Return of the Champion<br>
The Chancellor is a teddy bear who is a member of the Doll Senate, loyal to Xeaphon. Seen to be a political opponent of Colin in CB.III after implying he has been attempting to assassinate the King, Colin attempts to have him killed in CB.IV but fails, with the Chancellor demonstrating impressive fighting skills by killing three elite soldiers, after which he calls together an Emergency Senate and leads the effort to resist Colin's coup. He also features in CB.VI helping Cool Barbie to find out who killed Queen Lucy, and in CB.VII attending the unveiling of the reverse-engineered Dalek. His most recent appearance was in the first of the 2015 minisodes, where he was shown to be with Queen Emily II when she was killed by the Troll Leader, whom he then charges at in anger before he teleports away - he the Chancellor is later present at Moonita's coronation as Emily's successor.
| align="left" | [[File:Xeaphon.png|80px]]
| align="left" | '''Xeaphon'''
| align="left" | '''First appearance:''' Cool Barbie IV - The Uprising<br>
Xeaphon is the main protector of the toys of the Land. Played by [[Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia|HIM Emperor Jonathan I]], he first appears in CB.IV, playing a minor role in the introduction when helping to repel a burglar, and later fighting off Colin's second hired "giant" after being locked out of and subsequently let back into the house by the shifting loyalties of the First Army. Xeaphon holds the rank of Commander in NETDOF, and was previously an officer of the organisation's predecessor ET Defensive Force. In both CB.IV and CB.VI, it is established that he appoints the monarch of the toys - at the end of CB.VII, he helps Queen Emily II and the anti-war protesters reach an agreement by founding the new land of [[Crepundia]], and in the first of the 2015 minisodes he crowns Moonita the new queen of the Land. Xeaphon features prominently in CB.VIII, organising the defence of the Land against the Uranians and Wisealise, and in the second of the 2015 minisodes he obtains the Staff of Forest Elves to help him guard the Titans' prisons.
| align="left" | [[File:Moonita.png|80px]]
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