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Former President of [[Kid United Republic|KUR]] and current Secretary of Defense.

Thank You and Good Day. :)
|My Userboxes
|{{Userbox|#AAF|#EEF|[[File:Kid United Republic Flag.png|40px]]|This user is a citizen of the [[Kid United Republic]]}}
|{{Userbox|#dcdcdc|#EEF|[[File:Rhodesia vanpelt.jpg|40px]]|This user has a good knowledge of Micronational Colonialism, and will claim your land as soon as your micronation dies}}
|{{Userbox|#669933|#EEF|44|This user's Micronation has a population of '''40'''}}
Anyone one who tries to delete this page or copy it will be blocked.
This act is provided from the 101 policy of 2014

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