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Leon Williamson

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'''Leon SimpsonWilliamson, 1st Earl of Richmond''' (full name , commonly referred to as '''Leonardo Lucas SimpsonThe Earl Williamson''') was , is an a Liberecan-Amagerian Nollandish politician, journalist and diplomat. He was previously an Amagerian, being considered the "right-hand man" of the nations leader [[J. Grant Winchester]] when that nation was regarded as one of the best younger nations in the MicroWiki community through 2012 and 2013. He served in a wide variety of high profile roles within the Amagerian federal government and served as the [[President of Libereco|President]] of [[Libereco]] from its foundation as a state of [[Amager]] until its dissolution three months after the collapse of [[Amager]]'s dissolution. He was also the leader the Amagerian Labour Party and was one of Amager's most prominent left-wing politicians.
==Political views and career==

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