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Culture of Dachenia

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Due to Bahali citizens rejecting African culture, Bahal has slowly developed a unique cultural identity. Bahali culture is considered as an African Isolate culture.However Bahali see the Bahali Culture as Arab-African. Bahali culture has developing during the existence of a Bahali state. It was essentially developed from the cultural traits which where developed unintentionally during the history of the Bahali state, as well as the cultural traits of citizens. Dachenia has two conlangs, Dachenian and Han'Gok. Dachenian is the main conlang, used for cultural purposes in the nation. Han'Gok was used a lot historically in
==History of the culture==
===National symbols===
National symbols of Dachenia Bahal are held in high regard amongst Dachenian Bahali people, many symbols represent the Dachenian Bahali ethnicity, as well DacheniaBahal

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