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Joseph Puglisi

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{{Infobox official 2
| name = <small>His Imperial Majesty</small><br>Theodoric<br><small>King of Tiana</small><br>Gaius Apuliensis Josephus Theodoricus Augustus Americanus<br><small>Emperor of the Romans of North America</small><br>Joseph Puglisi<br><small>Sultan of Hakka, Marquis of Gilville-upon-Sturt, Viscount of Damnpots, 1st Marquess Puglisi, ARSE KCOS OWC OP DES RF OS RP COF OBS OGU OP OOM KOH MOSC CCL GKOB ONG ORS CAO OOZ OON BOSRGKW KIC</small>
| native name =
| image = PuggyMarch2012.png

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