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Broken redirects

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The following redirects link to non-existent pages:

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  1. Ratification of the Tūrnian Constitution1st Constitutional Convention of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia#Ratification
  2. 2014 MFA America Cup2012/14 MFA America Cup
  3. VMSL Micronation World Cup2018 Micronation World Cup
  4. 2nd Brigage2nd Brigade
  5. Dictatorship of 9th Grade9th Grade
  7. Abeldane Constitution of 2015Abeldane Constitution
  8. PenndollarAgnorrian penndollar
  9. Agnorr State CreditAgnorrian state credit
  10. AlthingAlthing of the Runic Union
  11. Amy CarterAmie Carter
  12. A.S.G.AAnarchal State of Grand Askio
  13. Andrew BevoloAndrew John Bevolo IV
  14. Jack BevoloAndrew John Bevolo IV
  15. AnticaAntica (disambiguation)
  16. Apollian Monarchs, Consorts & Heir ApparentsApollian Monarchs, Consorts & Heirs Apparent
  17. Apollian royal familyApollian Royal Family
  18. Archduke (Freyan nobility)Archduke (Freya)
  19. Armée de Terre du Royaume de CumagneArmée de Terre de Cumagne
  20. Corgan LarsonAryx Doder
  21. Republic and Union of AtelasiaAtelasia
  22. AtlanticaAtlantica (disambiguation)
  23. Atlantis Conservative Party (Atlantis)Atlantis Conservative Party
  24. Atlantis gubernatorial election, 2012Atlean gubernatorial election, 2012
  25. Atlantis gubernatorial election, 2013Atlean gubernatorial election, 2013
  26. Atlantis presidential election, October 2010Atlean presidential election, October 2010
  27. ÅtlinsAtlean åtlin
  28. The Antarctic Territory of KaltreigenAutonomous Principality of Kaltreigen
  29. Autonomous Republics of LitvaniaAutonomous republics of Litvania
  30. AvanniaAvannia (disambiguation)
  31. Awards of the Republic of AtlantisAwards and decorations of the Republic of Atlantis
  32. Azimah bAzimah
  33. Baltic Litvanian LanguageBalto-Litvanian language
  34. Bahse Mlayu BaskaBase Melayu Baska
  35. The Battle of DarlingtonBattle of Darlington
  36. Bilal I of ShorewellBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  37. Bilal IBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  38. Bilal I, Emperor of ShorewellBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  39. Sultan Bilal IBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  40. Sultan Bilal I of ShorewellBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  41. Emperor Bilal IBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  42. Emperor Bilal I of ShorewellBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  43. BilalBilal I, Sultan of Shorewell
  44. Birthday Party(Danatia)Birthday Party(Inglind)
  45. BissantriaBissantrian Republic
  46. Black December HackingsBlack December Hacking's
  47. BlackfenBlackfen Soviet Socialist Republic
  48. Boniface ThaçiBoniface I, Grand Duke of Alimia
  49. The Brotherhood of the MansionBrotherhood of the Mansion
  50. BugranistanBugranistan Republic

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