Spearhead I Rocket

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The Spearhead Rocket is the 2nd rocket project to be conducted by the Military of Valnor.

Spearhead Rocket
Skytrax class rocket: Spearhead I
Type Rocket
Place of origin Estes Industry
Service history
In service Classified
Used by Valnor
Wars None to date
Production history
Designer Estes
Manufacturer Estes Rockets
Unit cost 14.99
Number built 1
Weight 2.6 oz
Length 20.75 in
Diameter 1.35 in
Crew Unmanned

Warhead propellent

Engine B4-4, B6-4 (First Flight), C6-5 full altitude burn
Speed Unknown
Launchpad Guiding Rod


The first rockets undertook by the nation of Valnor was the Tandem-x dual rocket project. These rockets were meant to be deployed in the Colonial Conflict, but they were not procured in time and the conflict drew to an end. After the conflict was over the rockets future was in jeopardy. The program was saved by the SkyMarshal with a new Command being created specifically to encompass rocket and aerial projects. With orders to begin a continuous expansion.

Once the go ahead was given for the newly founded Rocket Command to expand, the Skytrax class rocket was purchased for mid-range needs. This project is the 3rd rocket in the Valnor arsenal.