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The space program of the Homestead Federal Republic is a government project with the official goal of being able to deliver a satellite into low-earth orbit. Intermediate goals are launching a rocket to 3,000 feet and being able to launch a rocket that can carry a warhead 2.1 miles to its target. Several designs have already been considered for the early stages of the program and it has been decided that all rocket motors will be manufactured on site as opposed to the space programs of some nations such as Molossia that have brought in commercial model rockets.

Q'addiniod I

The first q'addiniod rocket was designed to be a vehicle to test the effectiveness of home-made rocket motors. Only one has so far been built. It is 2 feet long by 3.5 inches in diameter. It has been used in the following tests: ChT fuel - This motor used Potassium Chlorate and Tar in a 80/20 mixture, it ignited and failed to propel the rocket. NCG fuel - This motor used Strontium Nitrate, Potassium perchlorate and Glucose in a 10/60/30 ratio. The fuel was too energetic and the rocket exploded on the launch rail. Both of the above motors weighed 90 grams and were one inch wide, they were both ignited by an electronic igniter.

ChSD Fuel

This was a successfully conducted fuel test of a motor using Potassium Chlorate, Sugar and Dextrin in a ratio 75/20/5 It was facing downward so that if it exploded most of the blast would be contained, it produced 154 newton/metres of thrust.

Q'addiniod II

This is a planned rocket that will use a 300 gram ChSD motor. It will be 4 1/2 feet high and be 5 inches in diameter, it will be the test rocket and be purely for height testing purposes. It will then serve as an analogue for Genriog I which will be exactly the same but instead of being weighted with lead shot, the weight will be provided by s simple pipe-bomb type warhead.

Genriog I

Genriog I will be the first deployed military rocket carrying a pipe-bomb warhead. It will be used mainley for demonstration purposes, eg. being launched and upon the motor finishing its burn, exploding in the air.


Size comparison of rockets in the programme. HFRSpaceprogrammerockets.jpg