Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu

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Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu
Motto: Equal Rights for all in Sight
Anthem: Soviet March
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentMarxist Leninist Single-party State
LegislatureThe Central Committee
EstablishmentNovember 17th, 2014
• Census
CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar
Time zoneGMT +12

The Soviet Socialist Union of the Wakatipu (SSUW) was a Socialist micronation spread out across the Wakatipu Basin. It was the successor state to the Socialist Union of the Wakatipu. The state succeeded from the Republic of Frigus and began constructing the first socialist micronation in the Wakatipu basin. It was involved in a war to bring about the destruction of the Theocratic Unitary States of Holy Gearlist prior to its disbandment. It aspired to become the most influential Socialist micronation in the micronational community, and attempted to establish relations with as many other socialist micronations to do this. The nation is no longer active, and any treaties or political relations previously established are considered to be voided.