Sovereign State of Daveland

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Stato Sovrano di Daveland
Bandiera Stato Sovrano di Daveland.jpgStemma Stato Sovrano di Daveland.jpg

Semper Paratus
None(at the moment)
Mappa Confine Daveland.jpg
Paderno Dugnano(MI), Italy
Capital cityNone(Daveland)
Largest cityNone(Daveland)
Official language(s)Italian
Official religion(s)None(Agnostic Atheism)
Short nameDaveland
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy(Autocracy)
- King SovereignKing Dave I
Established4 August 2019
Area claimed0,00312 km²(3,12 mt²)
Time zone(UTC+1)
National sportNone
National animalCat

The Sovereign State of Daveland, more commonly known as Daveland, is a micronation located in Italy.


The name literally means "Land of Dave"


In 2010 the Italian student Davide Ceraso (now King Sovereign Dave I) founded and started to develop his imaginary nation known initially as the "Davidian Empire" populated by his imaginary characters, still set in an imaginary world. In December 2015, after he finally moved into a room, he tried to found the "Republic of Daveland" but gave up at the last moment to devote himself to university. Finally in Summer 2019 Daveland came to its proclamation as "Sovereign State of Daveland".

Politics and government

At the moment Daveland is an absolute and autocratic monarchy whose absolute ruler is King Sovereign Dave I.

Geography and climate

Daveland is located a room of 3.12 meters in a house on the outskirts of Paderno Dugnano, just above Milan, the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy. The climate is mild.

Culture and media

In Daveland there are very popular nerd cultures (science fiction, animation and supereoi) and rock (80's, 90's and 70's and various electronic genres)