Sovereign Republic of Malcuria

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Sovereign Republic of Malcuria (Eng)
la Suvena Respubliko de Malchuria (Esp)


Internal strength is external power
Capital cityCentral Administrative Territory
Largest cityProvincial Areas of the East
Official language(s)English,Esperanto
Official religion(s)Atheism,though freedom of religion is practised
GovernmentDictatorship (de facto)
- PresidentNev SRj
LegislatureThe National Convention
- Type - Unicameral
Established12 September 2018
Area claimedVaries,if including all territories on which shares are made,12,375.28m2.If including the territory that is claimed and administered is 0.000020673325m2.
CurrencyRennets,National Circular Currency
Time zoneUTC+5 (Malchurian Standard Time)
National sportCricket,Soccer
National animalDog

Malcuria[pronounced: Mal+KOO+ria], officially the Sovereign Republic of Malcuria, is a micronation founded on the roof terrace of a house by its current and only leader(or Nev), Nev Srj. Also called Malchuria, it only claims an extremely small part of its total territory. the rest of the land is "jointly administered", as the land areas are paying tax to the central government. The micronation, even though as small as 0.000020673325m2, has some "weapons", which are basically fireworks.