Sovereign Order of the Sacred Band

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The Sovereign Order of the Sacred Band

The Sovereign Order of the Sacred Band is a micronation founded in 2017 by Prince George I. An Order-of-Malta-styled Micronation, is perhaps one of the only homosexual-exclusive Micronations in the modern age. Its philosophy, structure, and goals are derived from the works of George Cecil Ives, Karl Ulrichs, and the Sacred Band of Thebes.

Aim & Mission

The Order promotes same-sex love between men, whom are considered to be "Urning", deriving from the writings of Karl Ulrichs which named men attracted to men after the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite Urania. The plural of Urning, or the use in reference to the community, is Uranian.

According to the Order, their mission is "We pledge the protection of same-sex love, and the right to have as much. We will not waiver from preservation of the Uranian community as described by Ulrichs, and seek to oppose those who's views or beliefs may conflict with the wellbeing of the community. We seek the advancement of the Uranian, and to aid all Urning who suffer at the hands of others."

This is considered a relatively broad aim, and has been cited as the suggestion of the Order as a faux-secret society, similar to the Order of Chaeronea.

Furthermore, the aims of the Order are cited as

  • Tolerance and understanding of Urning, and the Uranian Peoples
  • The Union of Uranian peoples against common threat for greater good
  • Promote the advancement of the Uranian cause and mission

These are considered to be significantly more targetted.

Historic Inspirations

The Sovereign Order of the Sacred Band is named after the Scared Band of Thebes, the army of 300 Theban male lovers that consisted of 150 same-sex couples. The order was wiped out at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338BC.