Sovereign Order of Aboba

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Sovereign Order of Aboba
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Official language Bulgar, Bulgarian (Ilinden ortography)
Capital Aboba
Date founded January 25, 2008
Number of citizens 96
Number of active citizens 76
Currency Grosh (AGR)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Kanasubigi Negavon
National animal Lion
National fruit/food Strawberry
National drink Aronia juice

Sovereign Order of Aboba

The Sovereign Order of Aboba is a Micronation like many other that exist. Aboba does not have any territorial claims.


10.02.2008: Elections are over, and votes are counted: our Kanasubigi (Emperor) shall be Negavon. He appointed our government and aprooved our National Assembly of 32 people.

30.01.2008: Our kavhan approoved our national currency: Grosh (divided by 100 - stotinki). Will include coins of 5, 10, 20 and 50 stotinki, 1, 2 and 5 groshes; and banknotes of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 groshes. The exchange rate is currently tied to the Swiss franc, and so 1 grosh equals 0.5 Swiss francs.

30.01.2008: Our kavhan will appoint Language, Symbol and Calendar committees, who will publish proposals for national language, national calendar and national symbols.

30.01.2008: Elections will be held on 10.02.2008. Our citizens will vote for our canasubugi (emperor) and national assembly. Candidates for canasubigi are: Negavon, Gostun and Tuk. The national assemby will contain 32 places. The newly elected canasubigi will appoint order's government.

28.01.2008: Our provisional government announces the national flag of the Order of Aboba

25.01.2008: The Order of Aboba declared sovereignty.


Kavhan - Bars

Ichirgu Boil (Minister of Foreign affairs) - Kano

Boilah Tarkan (Minister of Justice) - Zent

Kana Boilah Kolobr (Supreme priest) - Chepa

Kana Bagatur (Army leader) - Drogon

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