Sovereign Duchy of Enocht

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Sovereign Duchy of Enocht
Enocht Flag.png

Frá internetinu, frelsi!
National Anthem:
None yet selected

Capital Enochtia

Largest City Enochtia

Official language English

Demonym Enochtian

Government Constitutional Monarchy
Sovereign Duke Mark I

Established January 1, 2017

Population 5

Area 935.7 km2

Time zone UTC -8 and -7
(Summer UTC -7 and -6)

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht, or more simply Enocht, is a micronation founded by Mark I largely in North America, with one small claim in Europe

The nation is, for the time being, being run out of the home of Mark I which is known as the National Chamber. Also within the bounds of Enocht are a few islands in the Henrys Fork of the Snake River and about 14 islands in the San Juan Islands .

Enocht uses the metric system exclusively, unlike the United States which almost completely surrounds it.


Mark I has founded a handful of micronation projects in the past, including a small Republic in Texas. The most notible of these was called the Republic of Markland, which was located in Washington and was active from 2011-2013.

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht was first conceived by Mark I and a friend of his while they were living in Nebraska in 2014. On January 1, 2017 the nation was officially founded.

Territorial Claims

Enocht shares both land and marine borders with the United States, and a marine border with Canada.


Land within Enocht is organized under five different categories:

  • Prefecture: Borrowing its name from Japanese regional divisions, prefectures are similar to U.S. States. Each prefecture has a Governor and a limited form of government. Territories become prefectures after they have at least one incorperated city within their boundaries. There is currently one prefecture in Enocht, which is Enochtia.
  • Territory: Territories are regional divisions similar to prefectures. Territories are usually newer claims and have the right to apply for prefectureship once there is an incorperated city within their boundaries. Territories have their own Governors and limited form of government. Colonies become territories when a citizen registers their residence in that colony.. There are currently two territories.
  • Colony: Colonies are regional divisions that are either administered directly by the Duchy, or under their assigned prefecture/territory. Colonies are portions of the Duchy that have no registered residents. Citizens may register their residency in a colony, at which time that colony would either become its own territory or be organized under another existing prefecture or territory. There are two colonies.
  • City: Cities are local divisions that have a Mayor and their own form of limited government. Any settlement can become a city when they can have their own mayor either elected locally or appointed by the Duchy. A mayor cannot serve as both a mayor and governor except in a consolidated city-prefecture. There is one consolidated city-prefecture, Enochtia.
  • Settlement: Settlements are cities that do not have a mayor or their own government. They are administered directly by their regional division, and can become cities with the election or appointment of their own mayor. There are two settlements.

Established Claims

  • Enochtia Flag.png Consolidated City-Prefecture of Enochtia: The government of the City of Enochtia and the Prefecture of Enochtia have been combined similar to the consolidated city-counties of Honolulu and Denver in the United States. Enochtia is located on the Henrys Fork of the Snake River near Rexburg, Idaho, and serves as the capital of Enocht. Its population is 2 and its Governor is the Sovereign Duke Mark I.
    • Colony of Imatalam: Enochtia administers the Colony of Imatalam, which is located near Boardman in the U.S. State of Oregon.
  • Territory of Salish: The Territory of Salish is located in the San Juan Islands and shares a marine border with the U.S. State of Washington and the Canadian Province of British Columbia. A small portion of the territory has been ceded to the United States for them to operate a lighthouse. Its capital is Patos Island and the leader is Governor Mikolai. Its population is 1.
  • Territory of Sellerdon: The Territory of Sellerdon is completely surrounded by Utah County in the U.S. State of Utah. Being as the territory is located within an apartment, it location is not disclosed for privacy reasons. Sellerdon is named after its' leader, Governor Sellers. Its capital is Sellerton and it has a resident population of 1.
    • Colony of Rince Sicin: Sellerdon administers the Colony of Rince Sicin, which is located six miles south of Red Cloud, Nebraska along the line between the U.S. States of Nebraska and Kansas.

Foreign Relations


Relations with governments foreign to the Sovereign Duchy of Enocht are handled by the Office of Foreign Relations.

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht considers three types of diplomatic relationships, which are Platonic Recognition, Informal Correspondance and a Formal Diplomatic Relationship. A Platonic Relationship is where Enocht recognizes a nation, but has not sent or received correspondence from that nation. This mostly includes members of the United Nations, with a few other examples.

Informal Correspondence

Enocht considers to be in this category nations who have opened up a line of communication with the Duchy, but who have not signed a formal agreement with them.

The Office of Foreign Relations currently lists no nations under this category.

Formal Diplomatic Relationship

The Sovereign Duchy of Enocht considers nations to be in a Formal Diplomatic Relationship with them when that nation has signed a treaty, pact, or other formal agreement with Enocht.

Enocht currently has a formal diplomatic relationship with the following nations:

National Holidays

  • January 1 - New Years Day/Foundation Day
  • Jaunary 3 - Salish Day
  • January 30 - Royal Military Holiday
  • July 4 - American Commeration Day
  • First Monday of September - Labor Day
  • December 25 - Christmas Day
  • December 31 - New Years Eve

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