Southern Cross Union

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The Southern Cross Union (Blavica) is a project nation in Brisbane Australia that has high relations to its neighboring nation Crascia.

The nations primary head of state will be shared amongst the members of the Crascian Imperial Council.

Southern Cross Union

Heritage And Future
Capital city Cavehill
Largest city Bushyville
Official language(s) Crascian,English
Official religion(s) Crascism
Short name SCU or Blavica
Demonym Blavican
Government Crascian Imperial Council
Legislature Parliament
Established 2018
Area claimed Not counted
Population 1
Currency Australian Dollar
Time zone Brisbane
National sport Football (Soccer)
National animal Tiger
Patron saint St. Andrews
This nation is a member of the Example Organisation

Jacques Móreon “I am re announcing the new establishment of The Southern Cross Union