White Island

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White Island
White Island Flag
 - Type Constitutional Monarchy
 - Body Bepistan Parliament
 - Representative KomradeDoge
Elevation 0.3048 m (1 ft)
Population (Naturally Fluctuates due to Migrations)
 - Total 500 Birds
Time zone Eastern (UTC-05:00)

White Island is an island in Brooklyn, NY. The whole island was originally shared between the kingdoms of Bepistan and Auvenum, until a conflict which split the island equally in half with a neutral buffer zone of 2 meters in the middle. The north half of the island was later claimed by Aenderia and then was given back to Bepistan after Auvenum collapsed and ceded all its territories back to the United States.

An aerial view of White Island.


White Island is the official name for the island, although some call it Mau Mau Island. The name "White Island" may derive from the sand dumped there during the construction of the Belt Parkway, or, more likely, the last name of the previous owner of the island, Alfred Tredway White, who donated the island to the city of New York on the condition that it come parkland.


Early History

The surrounding area was uninhabited until European settlers built a bridge and a mill in the late 1700s.

The island only permanently appeared sometime after 1917 after dumping created the existing shoreline.

In the early 1930s, it was later donated to the City of New York along with much of what is now Marine Park by Alfred Tredway White and Frederic Pratt with the requirement that it become parkland.

After the late 1930s, sand excavated during the construction of the nearby Belt Parkway was added to the island. Subsequently, patches of asphalt were laid on top to prevent the sand from blowing onto the nearby Marine Park Golf Course.

In 2011, the New York City Parks Department began a restoration project on the island with the goal of restoring salt marsh and bird habitat.

Present Day

Micronational Annexation

In September and October 2018, Russell Gilzem and KomradeDoge began researching small areas of New York City to claim for their micronations under a joint governorship agreement. White Island was selected as the perfect area to be claimed, with its size and its proximity to the existing claims of Auvenum and Bepistan. Under a joint governorship, both entities claimed territories yet managed it together accordingly as an act of diplomacy, but Prince Gilzem of Auvenum was beginning to claim all of White Island as entirely Auvenum's. Eventually, after diplomacy between Auvenum and Bepistan fell apart, the island was split, with the north being ceded to Auvenum and the south to Bepistan with a buffer zone dividing the two micronations.

The second proposal on how to split the island.

Bepistanian-Auvenese Conflict

The first of many proposals on how to split White Island.

In March 2019, a dispute occurred between the leaders of the nations, and multiple meetings were held to discuss how the island should be split, eventually with all parties agreeing on splitting the island equally down the middle with a neutral buffer zone of 2 meters from the border, with Auvenum getting the north half and Bepistan getting the south half. The two sides of the island were referred to as North White Island and South White Island, each having different laws and flags.

Collapse of Auvenum

In around mid-October to late November, the government the Aenderese Republic requested an official constitution from Auvenum. Pressure from outside forces began taking a toll on Auvenum's health regarding the Prince's controversial personality, and with every day passing, Auvenum only grew weaker. After 3 months of failing to meet the deadline, Prince Gilzem of Auvenum officially stated that the kingdom would dissolve effective January 1, 2020. The northern half of the island was promptly claimed by Aenderia, and finally given back to Bepistan and merged with South White Island to reunify the once-separated territories.

The flag of North White Island under the control of Auvenum.