South Shetland Islands Republic

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South Shetland Islands Republic

Mange øyer, en nasjon
Conquest of Paradise
Capital cityLivingston
Official language(s)English, Norwegian
Official religion(s)Secular
DemonymShetlan, Antarctican
GovernmentPresidential republic
- President of the CouncilBjorg Hannen
- President of the RepublicJohn Poul
LegislatureParliament of the Islands
- Type - Unicameral
Established1 September 2011
Time zone(UTC -5)
Patron saintSt. Martin

The South Shetland Islands, officially the South Shetland Islands Republic is a micronation located in Antarctica, and based on all the archipelago of the South Shetlands'.


As a group of islands, the South Shetland Islands are located at 62°0′S 58°0′W. They are within the region 61° 00'–63° 37' South, 53° 83'–62° 83' West. The islands lie 940 km (580 mi) south of the Falkland Islands, and between 93 km (58 mi) (Deception Island) and 269 km (167 mi) (Clarence Island) northwest and north from the nearest point of the Antarctic continent, Graham Land. The South Shetlands consist of 11 major islands and several minor ones, totalling 3,687 square kilometres (1,424 sq mi) of land area. Between 80 and 90 percent of the land area is permanently glaciated. The highest point on the island chain is Mount Irving on Clarence Island at 2,300 metres (7,546 ft) above sea level. The South Shetland Islands extend about 450 km (280 mi) from Smith Island and Snow Island in the west-southwest to Elephant Island and Clarence Island in the east-northeast.


These are the claimed islands of the South Shetlands Republic

  • Cornwallis
  • Clarence
  • Elephant
  • Gibbs
  • Bridgeman
  • George
  • Penguin
  • Nelson
  • Robert
  • Greenwich
  • Halfmoon
  • Livingston
  • Rugged
  • Snow
  • Deception
  • Smith
  • Low

And also the nearby islets