Sosialdemokratiske Partiet

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Sosialdemokratiske Partiet
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Equality for all!
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Kingdom of Falvia.
This nation is a party of The Federal Kingdom of Falvia

The Sosialdemokratiske Partiet is a political party founded on November 1, 2018.


The name Sosialdemokratiske Partiet in Falvian translates to Social Democratic Party. The name fits the ideology of the party, Social Democracy


Government and politics


The Kingdom of Falvia has a very high IQ average of 136 but considering the 16 people that are citizens, it may change later. The nations culture is based around Norwegian and German traditions. The national languages of the nation are English, Norwegian, and Falvian. Falvian is the nations original language and is a mix of English and Norwegian. It is mandatory to learn English, along with Falvian.


The Kingdom of Falvia has a few news sources, including a state news source that reports on news within the government.

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