Sorrenian Township of New Damascus

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This article is about the Sorrenian claim of New Damascus. For the Greenfielder claim of New Damascus, see City of New Damascus.

Sorrenian Township of New Damascus
Green flag.jpg
New Damascus.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Allahu Akbar
File:Western Massachusetts
and largest city
New Damascus
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSemi-Autonomous Sorrenian Township
• President
Miles of Sorrenia (USWP)
Harry of Sorrenia (DLP)
• Mayor
Miles of Sorrenia (USWP) - acting
LegislatureNational Assembly
• Census
CurrencySorrenian Dollar
Time zoneEST

The City of New Damascus is a Sorrenian Township located in Western Massachusetts. In early 2015, a hostile occupation by the Republic of Greenfield seized the Township, after "Abdur Rahman" (Eren Lewis) disagreed with actions taken by the Sorrenian government - the occupation is not recognized by the Sorrenian government, who continue to claim the Township.


New Damascus has a prominent Islamic and Arabic type of culture, with a large percent of the religious population being Muslim. Arabic culture didn't really leave once Frieden, the state that formerly claimed the land, was dissolved, and has been adopted in many parts of New Damascus culture. After a relaxation of Sorrenia's secularism law was passed by the Sorrenian Workers Party government, Islam became the official religion of New Damascus.


New Damascus was originally the Friendenish city of Newton. After Frieden dissolved, the land was ceded to the United States. In 2014, Sorrenia clamed the land as the Montiburg township under the direction of then Sorrenian citizen Abdur Rahman. It was renamed to New Damascus after a short period of time. In 2015, the Republic of Greenfield occupied the Township after disagreements with the Sorrenian government. The Sorrenian Federation does not recognize the legitimacy of the coup, and several other micronations have also stated that New Damascus rightfully belongs to Sorrenia, due to the brash, hostile nature of the occupation. As well as this, Abdur Rahman's previous political party, the Sorrenian Commonwealth Party led by Richard of Burnham strongly criticized the move, and stated that Sorrenia was right to continue claiming the Township.

Since the so-called occupation, communications have broken down, however the Sorrenian government stated - through the Presidency - that they were "open to friendly discussion on the matter".