Sonoran Alliance

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Sonoran Alliance
Intermicronational organisation
Sonoran Alliance.jpg

Headquarters Clackamas, Cascadia People's Republic (de jure), Skype (de facto)

Official language English

Membership 5 full members

His Excellency President Pip the Cat, Animalian Republic
Their Excellency President Jim von Hindenburg, Cascadian People's Republic
Her Excellency President Julia Smith, Doradan Republic
Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Kingdom of Yulyul
Her Majesty Queen Ceres, Kingdom of New Reno

Foundation November 2016
- Dissolution 6 December 2016
- Restoration 19 April 2019

The Sonoran Alliance is an intermicronational organization of five former nation-states of the Sonoran Confederation. It originated in 2016 as an alliance between the former states of Shaoshan, Olaf Empire and Marxia. With the collapse of the Shaoshanian state, the organization formed the basis for the modern Sonoran nation-state which existed from December 6, 2016 to April 19, 2019. Following the dissolution of Sonora's confederation, the Alliance was revived to continue the military, diplomatic, and economic ties of those involved.