Somster National Armed Forces

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Somster National Armed Forces
Сомcтер Национальные вооруженные силы
War flag of Somster
Motto: (Russian): Семья, единство, мир, Республика.
(English) Family, Unity, Peace, Republic.
March Cossack's Song
Established 25 March 2012 (Founded)
Country Republic of Somster, Ashukov Federation
Nicknames Green Backs
Branches Ground Forces (Army), Border Guard Service
Sub-branches Army Air Corp, Disaster Relief Group, Military Science Research Group
Previous Engagements None
Commander-in-Chief Sebastian Schriber
Minister of Defense
General information
Headquarters New Donetsk Krepost, Stary Sokol Kraj
Active personnel 17
Standard weapon Beretta M9 Semi-Automatic Handgun
Assault weapon AK-101 Semi-Automatic Rifle

The Somster National Armed Forces (Russian:Сомcтер Национальные вооруженные силы), also known as S.N.A.F, is the armed forces of the Republic of Somster and, in turn, the Ashukov Federation. It comprises of the Ground Forces (Сомcтер Сухопутные войска) and Border Guard Service(Сомcтер Пограничная служба). Although a separate organization, it also controls the paramilitary force known as the Internal Troops (Внутренние войска) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which acts as the main police force through out Somster as a result of reforms and budget cuts of mid-2014.

The National Armed Forces also contains a number of sub-unit branches, such as the Army Air Corp as part of the 'Flex Military' model presented by Prime Minister Schriber, or the Military Science Research Group. All branches and sub-branches are controlled by the Somsterik Ministry of Defence and, ultimately, the Ashukov Federation.

Along with a handful of other micronations, such as Clyro and Austenasia it is one of the strongest micronational armed forces in southern England. Excluding the United Kingdom it is also the most developed fighting force in Somerset and Dorset.


During the transition from independent state to a semi-autonomous republic of the Ashukov Federation much history was erased by the government, therefore not much is known about the military's past incarnations or engagements - if there were any. After the Slavic reforms, changing from Kasimovia to Somster, a number of big changes affected the military. The 'Flex Model' was introduced which allowed for the key Ground Forces and sub-branches to be modelled around it, enabling easy organization and coordination.

There were huge floods in late 2013, around December, which affected much of Somerset and Dorset, as well as Somster. Many of the Oblasts suffered from flooding and water damage and an amendment was since made to make the military able to respond to natural disasters on a small scale. With the military cuts of 2014 the Air force was abolished in favour of the Army Air Corp, along with the Navy in favour of the Disaster Marine Group, mainly replacing the Marines.