Socialist Republic of Zhenul

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S.R. Zhenul / С.Р. Женул
Zhenul Flag.pngZhenul CoA.png

"Death for fascism, freedom for the people!"
Workers rule, once again!
Southern Europe
Capital cityRotun
Largest cityRotun
Official language(s)Zhenulish / Женулски
Official religion(s)Atheism
GovernmentSocialist Republic
- PresidentChet Pot Vatowsky
- Vice-PresidentSando Popowsky
Area claimedUnknown
CurrencyZhenulian Denar
Time zone(UTC)
National sportChess
National animalZhenulian Eagle
This country isn't member of any foreign organizations.

Zhenul Government Website

The Socialist Republic of Zhenul (formerly Republic of Zhenul, Zhenulish language: Социјалистичка Република Женул) is a fictional marxist-leninist micro-nation located in South of Europe, on the same location of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It's population is currently unknown, and it has the largest amount of factories in the area because of the very advanced industry.


Republic of Zhenul

The history dates back around 2.000 years ago, from the King of Lama, The Sun of Zhenul, Hills of Death and many more places that leaved mark in the History of Zhenul. The country in the past period was a kingdom (Kingdom of Zhe, Кралството на Же) and had 32 kings before going into Republic of Zhenul. The king Zhaklin Opotimowsky (Жаклин Опотимовски) was the last king who ruled the Kingdom of Zhe, and the king who broke up the Kingdom and created a democracy country. The people were really happy with the Republic of Zhenul, but with time the living became harder, there was high privatization and low payment.

Socialist Republic of Zhenul

The S.R Zhenul was founded on 2010 elections when the Communist Party of Zhenul won the elections, and changed the government system into marxist-leninist ideology. For 6 months now the country is in a really good position, and the socialism is ruling in it's true way. There is very low percent of discrimination, and no privatization, witch enables all citizens to work and have a decent payment. As the government is still erasing the democracy bad spots, the country is moving on. Currently the Institution of Construction of Zhenul is building schools, buildings, houses and everything that the people need. Also the Underground Project of Zhenul is starting four underground tunnels for trains and other transport.

Government and politics

Currently the country is ruled by the Communist Party of Zhenul, currently the only active and legal party in S.R Zhenul. They won the elections in 2010 after the Zhenul Civil War with a revolution. Currently Chet Pot Vatowsky is the president of the S.R Zhenul. There will be elections from the CPZ soon for a new president because Vatowsky is sick, and needs a replacement. People can choose for who they would like to vote, and all political figures will be from the CPZ.

Foreign relations

The Republic of Zhenul had really bad foreign relationships, but the CPZ are changing that and are planing to get some diplomatic relationships with socialist countries.


AIZ 2101, made by license from Russian VAZ 2101

The industry of S.R Zhenul is in very advanced status. It has 49 factories including a factory for automobiles called Automobile Institution of Zhenul (AIZ), heavy-vehicles factory like busses & trucks including military equipment called Zhenulish Rotunian Institution for Heavy Transport (ZRIHT). Most of the other factories are for furniture, food and other supplies for the citizens. The privatization is illegal, and all the factories and companies are ruled by the workers (government). The industry is also developing by exporting vehicles and other big supplies to fellow European countries.

Nuclear Industry

The Nuclear Industry in Zhenul is notably raising, and it existence dates back to the former Republic of Zhenul. There are 2 nuclear plants from the Soviet Union, and 3 in construction right now, after the CPZ won the elections.

Space Research

The space research program currently is closed because of the accident that happened on April 23, when the rocket fuel burned the factory near Zhokoluty.


100 Zhenulian Denars (ZHD), also known as "the white money".

The Economy is in the highest place with the new socialist system in place. With the privatization out, the country was able to get most money out of the private companies, and raise more to get more factories and facilities builded.

Culture & Art

As Zhenul is a slavic country, the culture has impact from the other slavic countries. The language uses the Cyrillic Alphabet. The education is still under development, as the CPZ is yet to make changes to S.R Zhenul. Now there are 4 major faculties, 16 sub-faculties, 56 high schools, and more then 100 middle schools, all operated by Ministry of Education of Zhenul.



  • Национална Телевизија & Радио на Женул (National Television & Radio of Zhenul)
  • Институција за емитување на Женул (Institution for Broadcasting of Zhenul)


  • Национална Телевизија & Радио на Женул (National Television & Radio of Zhenul)
  • Радио 1 (Radio 1)
  • 33 од Женул (33 from Zhenul)
  • Работнички Глас (Workers Voice)


  • Работник (Worker)