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"Forest of liberty and equality"
Rochester, NY, US

Crimsonia was a micronation founded by Lox I in 2007 outside Rochester, New York. It comprised several acres of forested land. In 2010, Crimsonia was dissolved, and Yurtyzstan was founded as a successor state later that year.


Crimsonia was founded in 2007, comprising less than 1/2 acre at what is today Hakimoto City in Yurtyzstan. It was led by Sultan Lox I, founder and head of the House Poisson-rouge. The official declaration of independence was June 17, 2008. The same day, the Sultan's adviser, J.J. Hakimoto was named General of the Crimsonian Armed Forces.

Lox I declined in health, transforming from a charismatic revolutionary into a sickly invalid, and soon died; subsequently, Lox II and later Nemo succeeded him. Sometime in October the House Poisson-rouge leadership was overthrown by Finly, leader of House Siam.

On December 28, 2008, Sultan Finly established the Republic of Crimsonia, making himself Premier . He was replaced by J.J. Hakimoto after a brief term.

On January 4, 2009, a number of Crimsonians broke away and formed the Capitalist Free State of Alta Crimsonia after Hakimoto made Crimsonia a socialist republic. This started a brief civil war, ending after Hakimoto's army laid waste to the Alta Crimsonian capital of Ville-Haute.

May 6, 2010 saw the reformation of Crimsonia as a Despotism, with J.J. Hakimoto at the helm. However, sometime after that the government dissolved, and numerous splinter groups emerged; the Capitalist Free State of Alta Crimsonia reformed and attempted to rebuild Ville-Haute, protests and riots began in the Crimsonian capital, and one claimant to the Sultanate attempted to rise to power. Hakimoto and Finly left to form Yurtyzstan nearby on September 22, 2010, and the various Crimsonian splinter factions eventually collapsed.