Social Labour Party of the North

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Social Labour Party of the North
ChairmanOtto Gillespie Birch
Party LeaderAndrew Franson
Party PresidentVacant
SloganJustice for All
Founded23 November 2021
NewspaperThe Communitarian
Membership  (2021)9


Political positionCenter
National affiliationConfederation of the Northern Coast
Official colors     Green
Technate Alþingi
4 / 5
Landsting Legislatures
6 / 9

The Social Labour Party, more commonly referred to as the SLPs, is a Centrist political party in the Confederation of the Northern Coast that has been described as an alliance of Centrism, Communitarian Arborism, Libertarianism and Social Democracy.


The party was founded in 2021, having grown out of the idea of clubs and political parties in the then Damariscotta, the organization was vital in the creation of the first two five week plans in the Maritime Republic of Misberia. Following the dissolution of political clubs in Misberia, the group lead their own nation known as the Social Republic of Lubec in late July and formally joined Aurorak as a political party. Following the recreation of Misberia via the merger of Damariscotta and Aurorak, the party quickly became the one of the main parties within Misberia.

Following months of inactivity within the Marine Labor Movement and the North-Green Party of Misberia, the leaders of both parties met on the 23rd of November 2021 met and merged the parties into one, the Social Labour Party.

Name and Symbols

The name Social Labour Party was chosen because of the party's location in Maine with a rich British and French history. Otto Gillespie Birch is credited with coming up with the name with help from Andrew Franson.

The Party has always used the colors green and gold to represent itself, the tradition Confederation colors. It’s been stated that green representatives the party's support for the hard work of workers and the protection of the environment and the gold representing the justice and glory of all citizens.

Structure and Party Government

For much of the year, the power of the Social Labour Party is done through the People's Congress with one representative from each Landsting or regional party making the law proposals for the party to propose at the Alþingi.


Person Experience Office
Otto Gillespie Birch President of the Confederation
President of the Northern Coast Chairmen
Andrew Franson Premier of Adonia
Political Scientist for the Alþingi Party Leader
Vacant Vacant Party President

Ideology & Policies

The Social Labour Party's ideology is characterized by policies and practices based on the principles of Communitarian Arborism and that in each country the means of attaining ultimate communist goals must be dictated by the conditions of that particular country, rather than by a pattern set in another country.

The idea of Communitarian Arborism is that the thought of the ideology looks more at how the culture and community of a group of people functions and how such can maintain itself with the lack of a common meeting place or personal interaction. Communitarian Arborism takes some inspiration from the Singaporean People's Action Party and Singaporean communitarianism.

Domestic Policies

The Social Labour Party manifesto covers a large variety of polices on economic, political, and social reform. The party is domestically a left wing economic party and socially libertarian.

Policy Name Proposed by Type Description Regional/Cofederal Status
Social Action Plan Act Andrew Franson National Reform Provided stepping stones for the Confederation to adopt Social policies Confederal Passed