Social Democratic Party (Vishwamitra)

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Social Democratic Party
सामाजिक लोकतांत्रिक पार्टी
FounderSander Koff
Founded15 December 2021 (2 years ago) (2021-12-15)
Dissolved11 May 2022
SloganFor Progress and Prosperity
Party flag

The Social Democratic Party (abbreviated as SDP), Hindi: सामाजिक लोकतांत्रिक पार्टी, was a political party in the State of Vishwamitra that was founded on 15 December 2021 by Sander Koff, Kaarel Luikmel and Paul Koff in opposition to the ruling and dominating National People's Congress. The party ceased to exist in May 2022 after the passage of the bill to ban political parties in Vishwamitra.

Soon after its establishment, it emerged as the most prominent political opponent to the National People's Congress having won in four seats of the Lok Sabha to which the by-elections were held. This also possessed a threat to then NPC chief Rory Leonard as the ruling party lost in the by-elections under his presidency. Additionally, the SDP also won two seats in then upper house of the parliament, the House of Councillors.

Notable members

  • Sander Koff: Founder of the Social Democratic Party and served as its inaugural chairman. Elected as member of the House of Councillors representing Purvanchal state with the external support of the ruling National People's Congress. Later also served as the leader of the opposition in January 2022.