Snowladish Presidential Election, 2018

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2018 Snowladish presidential election
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← 2016 25 March 2018 4 November 2018 →
Opinion polls
Nominee Harrison W. Lavelle Ryan S. Krysinski Ty S. Krysinski
Popular vote 2 1 0
Percentage 66.6% 33.3% 0.0%

President before election

Harrison Lavelle

Elected President

Harrison Lavelle


Incumbent president Harrison Lavelle was eligible to run for a 3rd term and announced he would do so. He ran under the Conservative Democratic Party after the Liberal Republican Party dissolved. He won the Conservative Democratic Primary unopposed, his main opponent was Ryan Krysinski, the leader of the very progressive Liberal Democrats, the reform candidate Ty Krysinski failed to receive any votes. The Election's 1st electoral round was nullified and once the 2nd Round was held Lavelle won once all fraud was deleted.


One debate was held by Ty Krysinski on the day of the election, however the Election Debate was cut short by Harrison Lavelle to prevent the Debate overlapping into the Popular Voting, however critics said Lavelle ended the debate to prevent voters losing interest in his campaign and his values.

Opinion Polls

2 opinion polls were conducted but were heavily biased towards a certain candidate, official results of the polls were never released by the government, critics have continued to use this as well the fact that over 158 fraud votes cast by operatives from both candidates had to be deleted leaving just 3 official votes, to call the election somewhat "rigged." The 3 votes that were counted, are official verified votes, the remaining fraud votes were deleted. President Lavelle has scrapped the electoral vote section nullifying it, and saying he will make sure elections in Snowladen become more Democratic over the years.