Principality of Snake Hill

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Principality of Snake Hill
Blue, black, white
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Snake Hiller
Governmentconstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Princess Helena
• Duke
Princess Paula
Independence from Australia
• Declaration of Independence
2 September 2003

The Principality of Snake Hill, also known simply as Snake Hill is a self proclaimed sovereign state, or micronation located in Australia. Snake Hill has roughly hundreds of citizens, and claims land the size of Monaco. Snake Hill claimed independence on 2 September 2003, and Princess Paula claimed it was a right to secede, citing "The U.S., as you well know, seceded from England in 1776, It’s a remedial right, a last resort."[1][2]


A family of Australian residents could no longer afford to pay taxes, and after litigation over a mortgage and being Inspired by the Principality of Hutt River, they did legal research and came to the conclusion that forming a country would be completely legal under Australian law, and they thus declared independence on 2 September 2003.[3]

In 2010, Helena was crowned Princess Helena after the 2010 death of her husband, Prince Paul, who was supposedly assassinated by a sniper.[3]

In late February 2011, a judge of the Supreme Court of Australia dismissed the Snake Hillers' argument that the bank's actions were outside the jurisdiction of the court, and that it was a matter of international law and must be referred to the High Court of Australia or the International Court of Justice.[4]


Princess Helena is the head of state of Snake Hill, who ascended to the throne after the death of her husband Prince Paul. Princess Helena's daughter is Princess Paula.[3]


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