Snagovian order of precedence

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The order of precedence of the Snagovian Federal Republic is the protocol list (hierarchy of important positions) in which the functionaries, dignitaries and officials are listed according to their rank and office in the Government of the Snagovian Federal Republic. The order is established by the President of the Snagovian Federal Republic, through the President's Secretariat and is maintained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is only used to indicate ceremonial protocol and has no legal standing and does not reflect the presidential line of succession or the co-equal status of the separation of powers under the constitution. It is not applicable for the day-to-day functioning of the Government of Snagovian Federal Republic.


Colour legend
Head and deputy head of state
Holders of constitutional offices
Holders of political/parliamentary offices
Members of the Military
Rank Position Incumbent
President Gheorghe Ștefan Marius
Vice President Chilău David Robert
Senior Minister Dhrubajyoti Roy
Speaker of the Parliament currently vacant
Chief Justice currently vacant
Companions of the Order of the 18th of June
Cabinet Ministers for the Union Minister of Internal Affairs;
Minister in-charge for:
Department of Census,
Department of Elections and,
Department of General Administration

Badea Marius Adrian
Minister of National Defence;
Minister of Internal Security

Jinga Albert Henry
Minister of Regional Development;
Minister of External Trade

Pavel Constantin
Minister of Agrarian Reforms;
Minister of Trade and Commerce (Internal Trade)

Andrei Marcel Alexandru
Minister of Overseas Snagovian Affairs;
Minister of Linguistic Affairs

Pierre Pellen
Minister of Culture;
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources

Matthew Xia
Minister of Public Administration;
Minister of Public Welfare

Tudor Alessandro
Ministers of State for the Union Minister of State (Independent charge) for Sports and Youth Affairs;
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs;
Minister of State in the Senior Minister’s Office

Avram Sebastian
Minister of State for Internal Affairs;
Minister of State for Regional Development

Ene Silviu
Members of the Snagovian Parliament
Ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiary accredited to the Snagovian Federal Republic
Marshall of the Snagovian Land and Naval Forces currently vacant
General of the Snagovian Land and Naval Forces currently vacant