Smith Family (Sonora)

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The Smith Family also known as the Smith Dynasty is a political family in the Republic of Cascadia. The family has been known for their dominant role over the Shaoshan, Sonoran and parts of the Cascadian political landscape and its predecessors. The Smiths came to rule the country starting with Titania Smith's first inception in micronationalism through the "Starland" project in which Smith began as a Prime Minister and later came to rule as a autocratic monarch for two years. Smith formed the short-lived "Kingdom of Sonora" in April 2012 after the fallout of her Starland project before eventually committing to a joint venture with fellow micronationalist, Casey Hamlin. When the venture broke down in April 2014, Smith splintered off to form her own nation once more and continued to rule periodically over the last several years. By then, Smith's political views had slanted from libertarian to ardent Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. Smith has held fout micronations since 2014, the current being Cascadia.

The Smith family have ruled as either a presidential or royal family since 2015 and have been removed from power several times, one of which being an inter-family coup. They have been elected out of office four times, one of which was one replacing the other. These times have included Titania Smith's defeat by Pusheen the Cat in the 2016 Shaoshanian Presidential election, her removal from office in March 2018, her defeat by her grandmother, Diana Smith, in the August 2018 Sonoran Presidential election and Diana's subsequent overthrow by the former Smith two weeks later during the September Revolution. The Smiths remained in power through May 2019 when Titania was removed in a coup. While the Smiths still maintain a presence in New Reno, their influence over the national political spectrum has lessened.


Titania Smith - Current Minister of State Affairs, Former supreme leader of Cascadia, Sonora, Shaoshan and Costa Dorada.
Amy Smith (née Wilde) - wife of Titania Smith, Current Minister of Trasportation and General Secretary of the Cascadian Feminist Workers Union
Julia Smith - Mother of Titania Smith
Diana Smith - Grandmother of Titania Smith, former President of Sonora, Chief Minister of New Reno.
Juno Smith - Younger sister of Titania Smith, Captain of the Cascadia Army Rangers.
Charlie Smith - Former First Dog of Sonora, former member of the Animalian Supreme Soviet.
Ceres Smith - Great-Grandmother of Titania Smith, Queen of New Reno, former mayor of New Reno.