Smart Smart's Empire

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Smart Smart's Empire
Motto: We will help the people.
Anthem: TBD
Established 23 October 2015
 - President Alex Jumes
Population (today)
 - Total 7
Time zone USA EST

The Smart Smart's Empire is a micronation founded on October 23, 2015 .


We are not dumb so ya.

Major Historical Events


Except for president Alex Jumes, we have the Smart Cabinet Legislation. It has three members: Itamar, Ben & Senny. We are a democracy. The cabinet runs on votes. Bills move on from the people who submit it to the votes of the cabinet. If it passes 2/3 then it goes onto the president who decides. Elections are every year.

Law & Order

9 strikes and your departed.

Foreign Relations

We recognise all nations that are:

  • All UN Members
  • All UM Members
  • All UGOE Members
  • All CNC5 Members


PDR vs. SME War

Economy & Culture

  • We have a group that sings and plays instruments.
  • We have a sports team.
  • We have an after school club.