Slavic Children's Tsardom

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Slavic-Children's Tsardom
Coat of Arms

For faith, Tsar and Fatherland!

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Capital cityTsar's Flat (Provisional)
Largest cityREDACTED 's home
Official language(s)Russo-Détian Language
Official religion(s)Orthodox
Short nameDétian Tsardom
DemonymSlavic Tsarist Kid, Détian.
GovernmentSimplified Constitutional Monarchy
- TsarArseniĭ The Rebel
- Tsesarévich---
LegislatureThe Duma
Established25 of June 2021 (Unofficially)
Area claimed2.600 m²
Population4 (as of August 2021 census)
Time zone+1 (UTC)
National sport- Football / NERF Warfare
National dish---
National drinkTsar Arsenii's lemon drink
National animalBear, The bird seen in the coat of arms
National export---
Patron saintEmperor Nicholas II the Passion-Bearer
¨This nation is a member of -

Provisional SCT's Website

The Slavic Children's Tsardom, or Détian Tsardom (Russo-Détian Language, Русскѡ-Дѣцкий Язъикъ, Russko-Detski'i 'Iazık: Славянскѡ-Дѣцкѡѣ Царствѡ, Царствѡ Де́тия) is a Tsarist Russian Children's Monarchy with a Senate called the Duma. It is a Tsardom for kids, teens, and young adults.


The Tsardom's name has these words: Slavic (because The Founder is Russian) Children's (This Tsardom is ruled by independent separatist kids) Tsardom (it is ruled by a Tsar (slavic monarch))


Summer and Autumn of 2020

The Tsar was unhappy with the decisions of his father, and he made several revolutions via NERF warfare.

January 2021

His Majesty was thinking about being independent. Then, the idea of creating a Micro-Nation suddenly appeared... So he started working on the flag, constitution, and grammar when the inter-classes (the period between 2 classes at school) would begin. And eventually, he was able to make a flag, a constitution, and some grammar rules.

April 2021

Microwiki was discovered. The Tsar signed up and started working on this page.

25 June 2021, 10:54

The Tsardom was Unofficially established and renamed from "Russian Children's Tsardom" (RCT) to "Slavic Children's Tsardom (SCT).

30 June 2021, 20:08

A new member (REDACTED) was accepted.

1 July 2021 - Present

The great rebel period (skirmishes between the Tsar and his parents).

18 July 2021

New members (REDACTED) were accepted

26 August 2021, 18:28 - 18:40

1st Battle of the Main Corridor.

This battle was fought on the main corridor of the flat. There was not much fighting, but tensions were so high that the Tsar barricaded himself, cutting off the main corridor.

26 August 2021, 20:38

An armistice was signed and the Tsar gained total control over the so called "bedroom zone" (half of the flat). [a]

Politics and government

The goverment type of this nation is a Simplified Constitutional Monarchy. The Tsar orders something, and the senate gives the Tsar advices. That senate is elected BY THE PEOPLE and the senate IS NOT PERMITTED to elect the Tsar's successors (Tsesarévich).

A Tsar can reign an entire year with legality. After the term ends, there's 2 possibilities:

1: The Tsar is liked by the people

2: The Tsar is hated or voluntarily abdicates

If possibility 1 wins, he can reign another year (Possibility 1 repeats every time the people say they like him. That means a Tsar can reign up to 10 years or more or until he is 22 years old.). If possibility 2 wins, there are 2 Sub-Possibilities:

1: Abdication

2: Hatred

If Sub-Possibility 1 wins, then the Tsar uses a Typewriter to ellaborate the document of Abdication, and signs it. The Tsar abdicates the next day. (The people can restore him and he will take the throne, reigning for what is left of the term after the abdication.) If Sub-Possibility 2 wins then the tsar does the same as in SP 1 but is not permitted to reign for 1 year and cannot be restored. In both of the SP the successor takes the throne afterwards.

Law and order

The judiciary system is in some way controlled by the Tsar (he can pardon or shorten sentences, or vote for the conviction). Also there is a police organization called The Okhrána (Ѡхрана), which is a form of national police designed for riot controlling and Top Secret missions.

Foreign relations

The Slavic Children's Tsardom does not have any allies nor enemies.


The National Military of the SCT does not have any branches. The uniforms are dark green. At the end of each sleeve there is either a Gray, Blue, Yellow, Red or Purple line. The Gray one indicates that the soldier is a Mercenary, the Blue one is for Soldiers, the Yellow one is for Captains, the Red one is for Generals, and the Purple one is for the Tsar/Tsarina and Tsesarévich/Tsesarévitsa. The weapons used are metallic with wooden bullets and a wooden pusher.

Geography and climate

Just view Barcelona's weather and you will see all the info. (here)


The monetary system does not exist yet and the SCT does not export anything.

Culture and media

The traditions of the SCT are the same as Russia's but it's got one more thing: The Tsar's Lemonade, which is basically an acid lemon drink invented by the Tsar.


Tsar: Arseniĭ "The Rebel"



See also

Славя́нскѡ-Дѣ́цкѡѣ Ца́рствѡ (Rus-Det)


  1. /File:Capital_division_map_subtitled_in_english.png (A map showing the borders of SCT)

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