Skirmish between the Knights

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The Skirmish between the Knights was an incident that occured on the 14th of July 2010, when some attackers from the US infltrated the Capital of Jacksonville during a visit by a friend of President Alexander. This was the first conflict involving the newly formed Cilff Island Knights.

Skirmish Between the Knights
Conflict: None (isolated incident)
Date: 14 July 2010

n: DRCI Capital, Jacksonville

Outcome: Cliff Island Knights victory, arrest of Caileigh Alexander.

Cliff Island Knights

US Attackers

President Jackson Alexander

Caileigh Alexander


(Started) 2

(ended) 7

(started) 6

(ended) 1

The Skirmish

Initial attack

Caileigh and two of her friends ambushed President Jackson Alexander and his friend Trey Bond armed with Nerf guns. The president and Trey Bond then pulled back, with them one of the rebels had changed sides. The President was unable to get to a phone to call the Army so The three of them had to fight alone using weapons stolen from the Rebels, who had used most of the ammo during the initial ambush. The Rebels then attacked again While Trey Bond was away fighting another rebel, Then the ex-rebel, turned sides again back to the rebels. The Rebels had the President Cornered and out gunned. The president was forced to give in, and was captured.

Rescue of President Jackson Alexander

With President Alexander a prisoner in the new Rebel from line. There Caileigh Alexander interrogated him to find out Where the Army was based and where the others where Before she got him to tell her, another Rebel, Caroline Bond, said that a Loyalist was outside the base, so Caileigh when with another Rebel to investigate, Caroline Bond told the Guard that she was going to finish Interrogation. As soon as they where out side, Caroline Bond released the President, temporarily stunning the Rebels with a yell. The president thanked her and ran to the Executive Mansion, finding Trey Bond. They had lost all there guns in the battle so they grabbed some swords and armour, and prepared to go save there new ally. they went on the street where Caroline Bond met them. A battle insued and the Rebels where pushed back to a lot next to the Executive Mansion.

The stalemate at Andia

The rebels where first to reach the Area of Andia in the Capital, firing on the charging Loyalist. The loyalist hide behind a wall while the Rebels did the same on the other side. The loyalist, Now called the Cliff Island Knights, had stolen a weapon but could only fire ocationaly because as soon as they did the where fired on. The Knights had now come up with a plan, the main force would meet the enemy while they would sent Trey Bond around to take a hostage. the plan started good, but then Trey was spotted before he got the gun pointed at Caileigh. The knights fell back and then left through a hidden route, they then set up a defence around the same position they had ocupied earlier that day.

The Dual

The President called for a dual between him and one of the Rebels. The dual lasted for about 10 minutes, at the end the President lost, but just as he started to hand over his sword, he ordered the Knights to attack. The Rebels where stunned and where easly pushed back. At this point all but Caileigh had surrendered or changed sides. Caileigh Ran off and hid.

Manhunt and trial

The Rebellion had been squashed but they still needed to chatch Caileigh, The hunt only lasted about 30 minutes then she was found in her room hiding. She was arrested and Found guilty of high Treason, atempted assassination, and stealing (for stealing guns from the Presidents private armoury).