Skirmish at Lake Smallpond

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The Skirmish at Lake Smallpond was an engagement between two citizens of the Republic of Jayopilos, and the Prime Minister of Freedomia.

Prime Minister Markus II invited Gino Bedrosian and Austin Bush over to the Ministorial for non-Freedomian reasons, rather, just an outing. At approximately three thirty PM, the two arrived, and were soon joined by Prime Minister Markus. He had them follow him into Geraldo, where they were given building assignments. Suddenly an unexpectedly, Austin Bush violently tore down a sign that the Prime Minister had nailed into a tree, indicating the location of a future building. Although the PM remained calm, and dismissed the incident, there was more conflict to come.

At approximately five 'o clock, the two were ordered them to leave at once, under the grounds that they had vandalized property, engaged in sexual harassment, insulted the Prime Minister, littered, and several other FPL violations. They refused to cooperate, and were then forcefully escorted from the Geraldo area, with the barrel of a 760 Pumpmaster Rifle following close behind.

A few minutes later, the situation was getting out of control. The two were beginning to speculate that the Prime Minister would not shoot them, and that he was pacifist. They then charged at him, and he ran back so as to get a better shot.

Markus fired a shot into the air, and the two backed off. He then pointed the barrel at them again, and ordered them to put their hands up. Later, they decided to claim Lake Smallpond as part of Jayopilos. After fierce negotiations, and what nearly became a Civil War, Jayopilos retreated and the Prime Minister triumphantly announced this to the Freedomian people.

Afterwards, relations between the two countries became tense.