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—  Royal City  —
Country Kingdom of Wazakhstan
Region North Wazakhstan
Duchy Wazerbaijan
Established 2017
 - Type Executive Council
 - Body Wazerbaijan Executive Council
 - Councillor (Skinny-White-Boy Ward) Sam Hilmo Hilton
Population (2018)
 - Total 4
 - Rank 3rd in Wazakhstan
Time zone UTC (UTC0)

Skinny-White-Boy is a city in Wazakhstan. Located in Wazerbaijan, the city houses the temporary residence of King Waz I. The city is the largest and most populous in Wazerbaijan and is located to the south-west of Corzo. The name is derived from a nickname once commonly given to the King, regarding his physical stature and colouration.

Little is known about this city following its relocation from the former Crewe Flats building the the King and his flatmates occupied in their first year of University. Despite the King's term time residence being located there and a visit by Cabinet Minister Ethan Thompson, no visit has been made by Prime Minister Ned Hilton and as such information is limited.

Its exact location is unknown and Hilton wishes to make a visit at some point in the near future.


As the main form of transport used by residents is the bicycle, the British maintained highways outside the city are frequented by residents wishing to travel outside the nation.

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