Sixy Montan

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Six I
King of Ponderosa Hills
Reign27 April 2018 - 11 May 2018
PredecessorMonarchy established[a]
SuccessorLeon Montan
as Emperor
Crown Prince of Ponderosa Hills
Reign11 May 2018 - 1 June 2019
as King
SuccessorMonarchy abolished
Bornc. 2008 (age 12–13)
Oakland, California, United States

Six Montan, commonly known as just Sixy, (born c. 2008) is a retired Ponderosan politician and former royal[b] that has held many titles throughout the history of the nation, such as Prime Minister, King, and President. A member of Ponderosa Hills' feline minority, Montan quickly grew in rank in Ponderosan politics, and became an influential figure and internet meme within the MicroWiki sector in the late summer and early fall of 2020. In November of 2021, Sixy was appointed delegate to the Cupertino Alliance.

Sixy was the namesake of Sixy Montan University, an online university that operated between September of 2020 and November of 2021 before being absorbed into the University of Ponderosa Hills.


  1. Leon Montan was the Ponderosan head of state (as President) before the monarchy was established.
  2. The Ponderosan monarchy and royal family were abolished in 2019.