Sir John Metzler III University

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(This material is slightly out of date)

The Sir John Metzler III University is Shireroth's home of education. It has seen many different goings on over the years, including culinary classes, Gaelic classes, and programming classes.

Currently, the University is without a Dean, but is under the guidance of Minister of Research and Education Shyriath.

Halls of the University

The University is divided into several halls, each of which is dedicated to a different field of study.

Darwin Hall

Darwin Hall ("Where Great Ideas Evolve") is currently a brainstorming center, though it has been requested to be the home of the University's Debate Club as well. Originally created as the brainchild of Kaiseress Semisa I as a place to discuss ideas for the nation that either weren't under the domain of a specific Ministry, or concerned the population as a whole, it has since become an idea-ground in general for the entire populous.

Escher Hall

Escher Hall is a center of visual arts within the University. It hasn't seen much activity yet, though hopefully it will in the future become a place of beauty with the activities of artistically inclined individuals like Shyriath and Greg Dean.

Shakespeare Hall

Shakespeare Hall is a theatre, a radio station, and an orchestra chamber all rolled up in one. Currently, an audio reproduction of Mogbeth is theorized, though few have actually been cast yet. It is also the potential source of the View from Benacia once it becomes an audio broadcast instead of a text-based news source.

Sorto Hall

SSHIT codifies the past; those in Sorto Hall create it. Where SSHIT is codified fictional history, anything in Sorto Hall is not "canon history" and is therefore subject to being mere rumor. However, the focus of SSHIT has recently shifted to Sorto Hall, allowing everyone to help create Shireroth's history, instead of just the members of SSHIT.

Tolkien Hall

Tolkien Hall is dedicated to the written word, something that Shirithians (and indeed, micronationalists in general) excel at. Soon it shall be a source of editing and artistic creation for those wishing to submit their work to the masses, perhaps even through Moose Publications.

Tony Au Memorial Library

The Tony Au Memorial Library predates the University and has only very recently become part of it. However, the Library is a compliation of the great works of micronationalists, documents of historical importance, reviews of history, and essays concerning micronationalism in general.

The 400 Wing

The 400 Wing is the University's gaming club, currently building their own tabletop gaming system: the Imperial System.