SimCity Picayune

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The Picayune
Logo of the SimCity Picayune
Format Online
Type Fictional news website
Owner Daniel Anderson
Established December 14, 2011
Language(s) English
Published on WordPress
Distributed in Sirocco, SimCity
Chief Editor Daniel Anderson

This article discusses the SimCity Picayune, a Siroccan fictional news website. For the former Siroccan newspaper, see the Alston Picayune.

The Picayune is an archive of fictional ‘news’ articles appearing in the Maxis games SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000, maintained by the Siroccan Ministry of Broadcasting. It was established on December 14, 2011, on the WordPress platform used by all other Siroccan newspapers at the time.

Although started by Daniel Anderson as a private project, under the Constitution of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco s72(ii), the Picayune was acquired by the Siroccan government upon foundation. It remains under Anderson’s control as part of his responsibilities as Minister of Broadcasting.

The Picayune is Sirocco’s second-most popular newspaper as measured by circulation, and is the third-most read newspaper in Siroccan history, after the Sirocco Times and the Alston Picayune.