Sian of Morgannwg

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Queen of Morgannwg
Empress consort of Abelden
Queen consort of Alenshka
Tenure 24 November 2019 - 29 May 2020
Acclamation 19 April 2019
Queen of Morgannwg
Reign 7 January 2019 - Present
Coronation none
Predecessor Llewelyn I
Prif Weinidog James Frisch
Consort Newton von Uberquie
House Uberquie
Born 6 February 2001 (2001-02-06) (age 22)
Essex, United Kingdom
Religion Atheist

Sian is the reigning Queen of Morgannwg. She is an artist and statesperson in Abelden. She was the first Empress consort of the Abeldane Empire and Queen Consortof Alenshka, as consort to Emperor emeritus Newton, with whom she has been since 24 November 2018. As a politician, Sian has previously served in the Reichsversammlung for Abeldane Social Ecology. On the 7 of Feburary, 2019, she became Queen of Morgannwg in her own right. More recently, Sian has become active in Morgannwg, appointing and aiding James Frisch in his position as Prif Weinidog in restoring activity to Morgannwg and granting it a constitution.