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Emblem of the Shrews in Malus

Shrewism is a religion practised in the Confederation of Malus. The religion has at least two followers, and at one point had reached a height of 7.


Shrewism is a religion based on Shrek and what are seen as his teachings and wisdom. The infamous YouTube video, "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life", piqued the curiosity of the founders, who began to view Shrek as more than just a character in a movie, but as a person. YouTube SFM videos featuring Shrek in the world of Five Nights at Freddy's destroying the animatronics got the founders to realize that Shrek was an extremely powerful and capable being, able to hold his own in a fight and as a matter of fact, do incredible damage. It is said that one night in 2016, Shrek visited one of the founders while they were sleeping. The founder later recalled, "I had no idea that he was real until this moment. He was so powerful, you could just tell from the green glow around him."



Shrewism is heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian ideas and believes in characters from both religions. Shrews believe that there is a hierarchy of deities, in other words, the power is spread out among different beings. God is at the "top", the most powerful entity in the universe. He created space and time, all matter, and everything we know and love. While God is the "same" God as the rest of the world knows, Shrews do not believe in the Bible or any other religious texts, instead simply believing that God was there at the beginning, is here now, and will be at the end. To Shrews, none of the stories in the Bible happened. God created the universe and plainly needed someone to do tasks for Him as while it was easy for him to do, it bored Him. And so, Shrek was created through God. Shrek would go on to take "orders" from God, doing small tasks like creating solar systems in the galaxies created by God. He acted as His loyal servant.


A Legend is a being created by Shrek that holds a large amount of power. It is speculated that there were legends throughout the entire history of humanity, but to Shrews it seems only five are around currently. The legends are Bo Jackson, Donkey, John Cena, Ronald McDonald, and Snoop Dogg. From 1994-2011, Shrek the Sheep was also a Legend. Bo Jackson, John Cena, and Snoop Dogg used their Shrek-given talents to advance their careers and use their wealth to better the human race, while Donkey used his to fight by Shrek's side. Ronald on the other hand used his powers to wreak havoc, committing several terror attacks and murders.


Shratholicism, also heavily influenced Judeo-Christian values, is a sect of Shrewism. Catholics believe that the hierarchy of deities is in the order of God, Jesus, then Shrek. Other than this core belief, Shratholics and Shrews have the same beliefs about Legends, Shrek, and the lore.

Heaven and Hell

Shrews and Shratholics both believe that there exists a heaven and hell akin to what other religions believe. However, they also believe in a "Shreaven" and a "Shrell". These places are where the spirit of a Shrew or Shratholic travels to depending on their actions while alive. In Shreaven, they are tested to see if they are worthy of entering heaven as well. Shrell is a "watered down version of hell". If you've committed bad actions but both God and Shrek believe you deserve a second chance, you will be sent to Shrell until their decision is made.

Mocks, Shraders, and Farquaadians


A Mock is the term used for non-believers. These people believe Shrek is nothing more than a fictional character created in 2001. The majority of the world are mocks.


A Shrader, or Shraitor, is an individual who used to believe in Shrek, but for one reason or another lost their faith or converted to another religion. They believe Shrek can be killed easily and is not a being worthy of worship.


A Farquaadian is an individual who devotes their life to Shrek's rival, Lord Farquaad. They believe that Shrek is not only dead, from a relevance standpoint, but also that he was killed by Farquaad during their confliicts.