Shrek (group chat)

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Formation11 April 2021
TypePrivate groupchat/social club
LocationEuropean servers
Official languagesUnknown
Co-founderZarel "Zed" Smith

"Shrek" was the designation of a largely-satirical, short-lived micronational social club hosted on Discord via the feature to create 'group DMs'. It had three members throughout its entire existence. Its creator – who is jocularly credited as the "co-founder" due to a private joke – Zarel "Zed" Smith, briefly created the group DM in order to demonstrate the simplicity of writing a lengthly article on any social club, regardless of its longevity, arguing that without any established notability, such articles should be deleted from MicroWiki – a micronational wiki.


On 9 April 2021, Smith pondered upon nominating the MicroWiki article for The Cool Chaps (TCC), a social club hosted via Discord founded on 18 January 2021 by Dhrubajyoti Roy and Gheorghe Stefan Marius, for deletion; Smith primarily questioned the article's notability and purpose of its existence, believing it to be unimportant due to its lack of coverage from micronational news sources, and "literally being an article about a group-chat." The following day, Smith opted to include The Fun Gang (TFG) – another social club hosted on Discord, which Smith himself had co-founded – in his deletion nomination, citing the same reasons as for TCC. Smith brought his idea to the attention of several MicroWiki editors, receiving mixed opinions. On 11 April, another similar article was created on a newly-formed social club on Discord called Fans of Conway Way, and thus Smith included it as well, once again citing the same reasons.

He messaged two more MicroWiki editors on 11 April in an attempt to find consensus, arguing for the deletion of the three aforementioned articles, citing; "None of these articles are really notable enough to have their own articles, literally anyone can create their own group-chat on Discord (I could do so right now and make an article on it)", also adding that the existence of said articles would encourage several users to do the same, thus making several articles about Discord group-chats all over the wiki.

In order to prove his point, he briefly created his own group-chat, named it "Shrek", than deleted it after having existed for only six-seconds; he than proceeded to write an article about it on MicroWiki and created it on 11 April at 5:47 a.m. (British Summer Time; UTC+01:00) – parodying all three social clubs – which reached 652 words and 3,936 characters.


On 11 April 2021, at 4:32:16 a.m. (British Summer Time; UTC+01:00), Smith created a group DM on Discord by adding himself and the users Anthony Dickson#1562 – the former account of a micronational friend of Smith's, which Dickson no longer had access too – and a deleted user account with the deletion ID of 0e8cb126, with whom Smith had no prior connections. He designated the group DM as "Shrek" at 4:32:20, approximately four seconds after creating the group. He than proceeded to delete the group at 4:32:22, meaning that the group only had a lifespan of roughly six seconds; during that time, no messages were sent, and neither Dickson nor the original creator of the now deleted Discord account were aware of the group's existence. The group-chat was created in order for Smith to make a point about the increasing number of MicroWiki articles about Discord group-chats, which Smith believed should be deleted for "containing no notability".


Due to the limitation of membership to only ten users in a group-chat on Discord, the maximum membership count was only ten; throughout its entire existence, the group had three members, two of which were not aware of Shrek's existence. The creator of the group, Zed Smith, calls himself the "co-founder" as a private joke, due to him being a co-founder of both The Fun Gang and TOES, which Smith claims to be as the two largest social clubs hosted on a Discord group-chat.


Smith stated on the MicroWiki article; "I partially wrote this article to protest and partially for fun - I was bored."