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Shivpalganj Chiefship
SPG Flag.png
SPG Emblem.png

Capital cityin Tejrasar (Bikaner)
Official language(s)Marwari and Hindi
- ChiefTilok Nath Sidh
- ADC to ChiefBhagirath Sidh
Established10 February 2017
Area claimed45 acres.
CurrencyIndian rupee
Time zoneUTC+5:30
National sportKabaddi
National animalChinkara

Shivpalganj, officially the Shivpalganj Chiefship, is an independent, sovereign micronation surrounded by India. Shivpalganj is based in Tejrasar village of erstwhile Bikaner State.


The word Shivpalganj is inspired from a fictional village of the same name in famous Hindi novel Raag Darbari.


When Indian National Congress passed Purna Swaraj resolution in 1930, they did complain about lack of gun rights under British Raj. But even after Independence, Indian state didn't give this basic right to its citizens. In 2006, Tilok Nath Sidh, an ordinary peasant from Tejrasar was arrested under section 3/25 and 5/25 of arms act. He fought a decade long legal battle in courts of Bikaner. Eventually the case was disposed but Tilok Nath Sidh, disillusioned with Indian state decided to establish his own chiefdom and declared independence. He converted his agriculture land into territory of Shipalganj and his residence at Tejrasar into residency (political office) to India.


Tilok Nath Sidh is benevolent dictator of Shivpalganj and he has all the executive, legislative and judicial powers. Within territory of Shivpalganj, his words are final and his whim is law of the land. His grandson Bhagirath is ADC to him and works on his behalf. Bhagirath also handles security matters of Shivpalganj and is head of Shivpalganj protection guards (SPGs).


When it comes to economy, Government of Shivpalganj follows Thomas Sowell. Economy of Shivpalganj is mainly based on agriculture, dairy and remittance from India. Dohli is an irrigated enclave, so crops of groundnut (peanut) is grown in summer and wheat and gram in winter. Enclaves of Punrathia and Goutha don't have a tubewell yet, so Moth, Guar and Pearl Millet (Bajra) are grown there. Sharwan Nath Sidh and Ramchander Sidh (heir apparent) works for revenue department of the government of Rajasthan, while Kan Nath Sidh runs Jasnath Textiles in Calcutta. Their remittance plays a significant role in economy of Shivpalganj.