Shinee Shining Lightning

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Worst Article

This article is just bad, and, accordingly, is part of the Gallery of What Not to Do. We hope this is clear enough.


shinee lightning joined dg in first half of 2010 and was known to be dark real life sister - dark = my brother -

after joining dg she met alot of ppl such as silence - red - terra - yura - chrome - duckie - maid - kira - keiichii - S andl alot of others.

in dg lightning became well known foe being childish and also known for spamming and fighting with some of dg ppl .

light was on a war with motor angle once but they soon forgot about it and became friends again

lightning met ZETTA SHITA the caps girl on dg XD

light also known for being funny and nice <-- at least that what i think . XD

lightning trolled once in dg - trolled ao-en -

and became chrome student after doing that .


lightning was chose by 4 ppl that wanted her in the family

was chosen by 1- deet 2- keiichii and duckie 3- kururi 4- kira

and there is still a battle about who she would join ....

light formed a power group that have - shx - kyoko - zetta - kira and she keeps adding powerful ppl to the group

light also created a family that is called RVL FAMILY :

which has - ryan - me - yura - red - terra <3


in BBS light spend her time waiting for - maria = admin - to get dg back to work and met alot of new

ppl in BBS some of them are tsuna - jin - kaito - ......


1 - takes shower everyday

2- loves to eat

3- skate <3

4- gose on dg and BBS everyday

5- loves to sleep <3