Seybold Earthquake Tracking Service

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Seybold Earthquake Tracking Service
Local Weather Now
Formed 23 November 2018
Jurisdiction Seybold Weather Service (SWS)
Director Cooper Norfolk
Headquarters None

The Seybold Earthquake Tracking Service (SETS) is a branch of the Seybold Weather Service in the Democratic Republic of Seybold that tracks Earthquakes throughout the day.



Permanent Suspesion

On 23 February 2019, the Seybold Weather Service announced that they would be permanently suspending one of their sub-services. The sub-service that they have permanently suspended is the Seybold Earthquake Tracking Service, abbreviated as "SETS". The SWS permanently suspended the SETS because it quote, "too to much time and money that they Seybold Weather Service did not have", according to SWS CEO President Cooper Norfolk. The basically means that the Seybold Weather Service did not have the budget to continue the SETS any longer than it was already running. President Cooper Norfolk is quite happy about the permanent suspension of the SETS since he was the only SWS employee that worked on the SETS. President Cooper Norfolk described working for the SETS as "time crunching and stressful", which is why he is happy that the service has been suspended. The suspension of the SETS will not have a humongous effect on the Democratic Republic of Seybold or the SWS at all, even though the SWS may not receive the same amount of attention then it had previously. Currently, the only sub-service of the SWS is the Seybold Flood Service, abbreviated as "SFS". The SFS will continue recording floods in the area of Seybold for the foreseeable future and will not be affected by the permanent suspension of the SETS. The SETS notebook, which was used by SWS employees to store information about the earthquakes they tracked, is being kept in President Cooper Norfolk's New Springfield house until there is a better place for the notebook to be kept.