Sevarusian language

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Шварш Ючк
Regulated bySevarus Language Union
Spoken inSevarus
Total speakers1

Sevarus creating a language for it's people to help further a unique culture. Based on varying levels of altered Russian, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Serbian, and Welsh, it is a quite unique language.


Letter Pronounciaton
Aa Ah
Аоао Ao
Бб B
Шш Sa
Юю Yo
Фф Ph
Ээ E
Њњ Na
Ноно No
Вв v
Жж Zh
Кк Ka
Љљ La
Рр Ru
Чч Ch
Уу U
Дд D
Мм m
Нн n
Oo o
Ыы y

English- Did you know I have a frog?

Old Sevarusian- Юсй ча жёв ск ёя сеи а гячк?

Translit- Yosano cha zhaov saka aru saena a laruchka?

New Sevarusian- Љњ вэ вюдљк ар амюом а љрчк?

Translit- Lana ve vyodlaka aru amyom a laruchka?