Seumas of New Westphalia

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His Majesty
Seumas The First
By the Grace of God of the Kingdom of New Westphalia and Our Other Realms King, Lord Protector of Rudno, Emperor of Strathy, Defender of the Faith

King of New Westphalia
Reign 16 July MMXV - Present
Predecessor Throne Established
Lord Protector of Rudno
In office 19 July MMXV
Predecessor Office established
Emperor of Strathy
Reign July MMIX – December MMIX
July MMXV - Present
Predecessor Throne established July MMIX
Throne disestablished December MMIX
Throne re-established July MMXV
Baron Whittle of Saint Ambrose
Created 17 August MMXIII
Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly
as James Howard Whittle
In office 19 August MMXIII – 16 July MMXV
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office disestablished
Era dates
-Empire of Strathy (14 July MMIX - 3 December MMIX)
-Kingdom of New Westphalia (16 July MMXV - Present)
House House of Uitail
Father HRH King Father Seumas An-Cnoc Uitail
Mother HRH King Mother Fionnghuala Anna
Born 14 October MCMXCIV (age 21)
Rutherglen Maternity Ward, The Royal Burgh of Rutherglen, United Kingdom w:United Kingdom
Religion Church of New Westphalia

Seumas I of New Westphalia, or Seumas Howard Whittle Uitail prior to his ascension to the throne, is the first and current King of New Westphalia and one of the nation’s principal founders. Born to Seumas An-Cnoc Uitail of Siorrachd Rinn Friù an Ear and Fionnghuala Anna of Glaschu in 1994, he became interested in Scottish politics and founded the Empire of Strathy on the 14th of July 2009. In November to December of that year, a revolution took place in Strathy that would ultimately lead to the creation of the C.P.R.S., a nation that would go on to found the Republic of New Westphalia. During the period of the Republic, Seumas was known as James H Whittle and was elected as the Chancellor of the New Westphalian Assembly, serving two consecutive terms in office.

Following a period of severe inactivity within the Republic, Whittle sought to centralise the government in order to make it more efficient; this culminated in a proclamation that established the Monarchy of New Westphalia using law derived from the Strathan Monarchy. Whittle declared himself King, adopting the regnal name Seumas once more, in keeping with Strathan culture, and began the process of forming a government to rule the new Kingdom.

Whilst the reign of Seumas is still young, it has seen some of the fastest and most extensive constitutional changes in the history of New Westphalia. One of the most notable changes was the implementation of a “Noble Parliament”, named the Couthal of State. Also worthy of mention is the incorporation of Rudno as a dominion-protectorate and the installation of Sebastian Linden as the Archbishop of Kirkburgh, head of the newly formed Church of New Westphalia.

As well as his duties as King, Seumas is also a keen astronomer, curler, musician and amateur painter.

Early life

Seumas was born on the 14th of April 1994 to Seumas An-Cnoc Uitail of Siorrochd Rinn Friù an Ear and Fionnghuala Anna of Glaschu at the Rutherglen Maternity Ward in the Royal Burgh of Rutherglen. His first residence was in Fearnaderry, the home of his Grandmother, Vida M. P. Ellis, however, he soon moved to Kennishead to attend the nursery at Eastwood Nursery School in Glasgow. From 1999 until 2001 he was educated at Carnwardic Primary school, before moving to Darnley Primary school, where he was educated until 2005. In mid-2005, he then made the move to Kelvinside Academy where he would be educated until 2011. The following year, the King’s family moved from their home in Darnley to the future Strathan capital of Langford.


Following his secondary education at Kelvinside Academy, Seumas was accepted into the University of Glasgow to study for a degree in Physics with Astrophysics, he graduated in 2015 gaining a Bachelor’s degree with honours. During this time he became thoroughly interested in space and astronomy, founding both the Strathan Observatory and the Strathan Space Programme.

Emperor of Strathy

Flag of the Holy Empire of Strathy

In July 2009, Seumas founded the Holy Empire of Strathy, principally via the NationStates simulator. In principle he ruled as an absolute monarch, consulting his younger siblings Princess Eilidh and Prince Uilleam on matters of importance. Uilleam was granted rule over the Principality of Skerray, while Eilidh, Princess of Strathy, was named as Seumas’ heir. The Empire expanded to encompass much of the realm of Upstairs as well as Skerray, in the Downstairs. The Empire, however, was short-lived and, in November 2009, a revolution began, founding the United Socialist States of Strathy, which would later become the C.P.R.S. During this time, Skerray was formed into the Red State of Skerray, declaring independence and fading into obscurity.

New Westphalia

New Westphalian Royal Family
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of New Westphalia
  • HRH Urramach Uitail
    Dame Joan of Hove
    • HRH Pàdraig Uitail
      HRH Lady Ealasaid An-Cnoc of Siorrochd Rinn Friù an Ear
      • HRH King Father Seumas An-Cnoc Uitail
        HRH King Mother Fionnghuala Anna
        • HM King Seumas I
        • HRH Eilidh, Princess of Strathy
        • HRH Mairi, Princess of Strathy
        • HRH Uilleam, Prince of Strathy
      • HRH Prince Beathan of Siorrochd Baile Néill

In August 2013, the Communist Peoples’ Republics of Strathy were merged with the High Kingdom of Draega to form the Republic of New Westphalia. Seumas, having adopted the name James H Whittle, was elected as the Chancellor of the Assembly, serving for two consecutive terms, under President Daniel Morris.

The Republic of New Westphalia

As Chancellor of the Assembly, Whittle headed the government of the Republic, introducing several items of legislation, notably the forming of a central bank and equality legislation. During his terms he championed left-wing politics, notably, increasing civil liberties and rights to new levels.

Despite being a Labour Party politician, Whittle got on very well with President Morris, a National Party politician. In Whittle’s view, working with the opposition parties rather than opposing them outright on every matter was key to driving New Westphalia’s success.

In June and July of August 2015, however, government activity had dropped to alarmingly low levels, with no new legislation having been passed in nearly eight months. Whittle, in a bid to stabilise the government and centralise power, proclaimed himself King on the 16 of July.

The Kingdom of New Westphalia

Crest of King Seumas

Having proclaimed himself King, Whittle gained the backing of most of the key political leaders of New Westphalia and began the process of forming a government, based on a purely noble parliament.

On the Eighteenth of July 2015, just a couple of days after the founding of the Kingdom, Seumas was contacted by Sebastian Linden, Ambict of Rudno, regarding the possibility of bringing Rudno into the Kingdom as a dominion-protectorate. In return for this, Linden was appointed Archbishop of Kirkburgh and Primate of New Westphalia, heading up the new Church of New Westphalia. Linden was and continues to be, a substantial help to Seumas, aiding him greatly in the formation of his government, as such, he is considered one of the King’s closest advisers.

In order to keep the peace between the realms of New Westphalia, three principalities were created within the Kingdom; Trystansburg, Draega, and Strathy. That said, there have been disquiets from Draega, owing to Prince Daniel’s discontent with the constitutional change.

Lord Protector of Rudno

With Rudno brought into the Kingdom, the Seumas assumed the title of Lord Protector of Rudno, granting the Ambict certain autonomous powers. As a dominion-protectorate of the Kingdom, Seumas, and Kings to follow, would be responsible for its safety and parts of its representation on the international stage, while Rudno is largely governed separately. In return, the Ambict yields to the King on certain matters and Rudno must follow much of New Westphalian law, as well as being under the Church of New Westphalia.

Disquiets in Draega

Following the proclamation of the monarchy, Daniel of Draega protested to the constitutional change. Discussions with the President of the Republic concerning the constitutional future of the country are still ongoing.

Titles, styles and arms

Titles and Styles

Owing to the number of governments and nations in which Seumas has been involved, it is generally difficult to pin down specific titles and periods for which they have been held – this is also down to flaws in the integration of various archiving systems used.

  • 14 April 1994 – 14 July 2009: James Howard Whittle
  • 14 July 2009 – 3 December July 2009: HIM Seumas I, Emperor of Strathy
  • 3 December July 2009 – 1 January 2010: People’s Commissar James Whittle
  • 1 January 2010 – 16 May 2011: People’s Commissar James Whittle LSR
  • 16 May 2011 – 20 June 2011: People’s Commissar James Whittle LSR OSR
  • 20 June 2011 – 1 September 2012: People’s Commissar James Whittle MIN TDR LSR OSR
  • 20 June 2011 – 1 September 2012: People’s Commissar James Whittle MIN TDR LSR OSR
  • 1 September 2012 – 3 July 2013: People’s Commissar James Whittle MIN OSW TDR LSR OSR
    • 20 June 2012 – 22 June 2013: The Hon. James Howard Whittle MP (In Novaltia)
    • 22June 2012 – 15 July 2013: The Rt. Hon. James Howard Whittle MP P.C. (In Novaltia)
  • 3 July 2013 – 13 August 2013: People’s Commissar Rev. James Whittle MIN OSW TDR LSR OSR
    • 15 July 2013 – 17 August 2013: The Rt. Hon. James Howard Whittle Baron Whittle MNV MP P.C. (In Novaltia)
  • 13 August 2013 – 16 July 2015: The Rt. Hon. Rev James Howard Whittle MNV MIN OWS TDR LSR OSR (Following integration of Strathy into New Westphalia)
  • 16 July 2015 – Present: HM King Seumas (Following Proclamation of Monarch in New Westphalia)

Full Style

The full style of Seumas of New Westphalia is:

Seumas the First By Grace of God of the Kingdom of New Westphalia and Our Other Realms King, Lord Protector of Rudno, Emperor of Strathy, Defender of the Faith, Sovereign of The Most Valiant Knights of the Order of Saint Kentigern, Sovereign of The Worshipful The Knights Precary of the Order of Saint Columba, Sovereign of His Majesty’s Most Honourable Order of Merit in the Kingdom of New Westphalia, Field Marshall of the Landfyrd, Grand Admiral of the Schipfyrd, Chief Marshal of the Liftfyrd, Baron Whittle of Saint Ambrose, Member of the Inesian Nobility, Member of the Most Excellent and Honourable Order of the Society of Novaltia, Member of the Order of the White Star.


As the Sovereign of New Westphalia, Seumas alone has the right to fly the Royal Standard of New Westphalia undifferenced. It is this standard upon which the Royal Arms of the King, and hence the Kingdom, are based. The current arms and standard of the Kingdom were put together by His Most Reverend Eminence Sebastian Linden the Archbishop of Kirkburgh, drawing inspiration from the flags of New Westphalia and the Old Strathan Imperial Arms.

Awards and Ranks